Have they convinced you that the Muslim woman is oppressed by being veiled, not being able to work, and getting half of what the man gets in inheritance? Then maybe you need to read the following lines to know the truth and set aside what the media is falsely trying to describe for you. In […]

Interesting question isn’t it? Well, to answer this we’ll go over several steps: Why can Muslim men marry four women? Why can’t Muslim women marry four men? Why can’t women medically marry four men? Let’s begin, First: Muslim men can marry four women according to Islamic Shar’iah. Islam being the final Divine Revelation has to […]

After a long history of injustice (You can watch the video below), the divine revelation echoed in the wide desert of Arabia with a noble and universal message which came to change the ugly human history and to create a life which humanity had never witnessed before in all its civilizations: The rights of Muslim […]

Have you ever felt that your appearance is so chronically observed by other people? That your body is always, always on display for others, always up for evaluation, so you better keep an eye on it too! Have you ever stopped to think how much time, energy, and money you spend to look pretty? Did […]