Here are the five major questions we will be asked by God. Number 5 on an island in the sky.

5 Major questions we will be asked by God!

Here are the five major questions we will be asked by God. So the wise person who is

    There are five major questions that we all need to keep in mind in this life before it ends. The five major questions God will question us after resurrection. So, we should remember it and be ready to answer it correctly before we find ourselves, after death, come rise again into life easily, as we came into it before. Unfortunately, at that time we won’t be able to alter our past actions in life to enhance our answers. 

On the Day of Resurrection we will be brought to account for every major and minor action, including the following five major questions:

1-Life and How Did We Consume It?

     The gift of life that our Creator gives to us is so precious, yet we often treat it with carelessness. We forget our purpose in it. Also, we forget about what we should do. Moreover, we forget that we are here in a test, and then life passes.

     Furthermore, we need to remember that we will all stand and be questioned by the One Who gave us life, on how we lived it. We need to ask for his guidance and seek to follow his rulings. As a result, we need to work on what will grant us a successful answer when the time comes and we stand before Him. That time will surly come and it is getting closer through each second passes.

     This life wither’s away and the next one is coming with the consequences of our choices in this one. So choose wisely. Also, always keep in mind that you will stand and be questioned on what you did in this life before your Creator.

2- Knowledge and What Did We Do With It?

     Knowledge is yet another one of the great gifts from Allah (God) to us. The ability to understand things and know stuff and recognize truth from false, is indeed a great gift. But what did we do with it? We can recognize the truth set by God, so that we should follow it. We can understand things so that we may choose right. This test of life is a test for our commitment and will.

     We seek the truth by our action and so we find it. We know the truth so we should follow it, even if it goes against our own desires. And most importantly, we need to spread that knowledge we gained with others, and have patience on learning, applying what we have learned and spreading the righteous knowledge.  
All these are deeds and actions. Just as Knowledge is the key for action, knowledge with no action will only result in regret when we stand accountable for that blessing we mistreated.

3- Wealth and from Where Did We Get It?

     Wealth in this life is something that everyone goes after, and of course it is a goal. However, it isn’t for its own sake. It is a goal for the sake of having the means to act the right way and do good, for ourselves and everyone in need. It is a goal for the sake of providing a resource for the deeds that will fill our lives with. Then, we will leave it, and be asked about the way we got it when this life ends.
     Many people chase wealth blindly, and forget that it shouldn’t be pursued for its own sake nor should it be pursued by doing bad if the purpose is to do right with it. So always remember, before seeking money and wealth that you will stand and be questioned on how you got it.

4- Wealth and Where Did We Spent It?

     The question regarding wealth isn’t just on where we got it. It is also about “where did we spend it?” It is about the income and The outcome. Both have two ways that we can choose between; to take the right way as God declared it, or to go with our own desires and follow our lust. This goes for both, whether it is by which way we got money and wealth from, or what did we do with it after we got it.

     We have the two choices in those two situations. And the choice is ours. But we will face that choice not once, but twice. The first is when we make it, and the second is when we are being held accountable for it. So keep the second encounter in mind when you are on the first. Otherwise, you will fully regret when it happens.

5- Our bodies and on what did it wear out? 

     Furthermore, another great gift of our Creator is our body. We have the ability to do actions using it, and to do whatever we chose. But this body of ours isn’t immortal. It is a mortal body that withers with time. To clarify, that time is where we make the choices and do our deeds. Either chose to do the right or the wrong, the body wither away as we are doing this. Also, as that gift withers from us, it will also come with a question for us before our Creator:
“You had the ability to do, so what did you do?”


On the Day of Resurrection, we will be asked by God about many matters, including these five major questions:

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said,

Man’s feet will not move on the Day of Resurrection before he is asked about his life, how did he consume it, his knowledge, what did he do with it, his wealth, how did he earn it and how did he dispose of it, and about his body, how did he wear it out.” [At-Tirmidhi](1)

    Looking for the future and planning for it is a mark for rationality, and this is the future of us all. Life ends, and The One, Who gave us live once, can easily bring us into live again. Of course, resurrecting us out of ash is easier than creating us from nothing, isn’t it?

     In conclusion, the wise person, who is keen to save himself, should prepare answers to these major five questions we will be asked by God. So, seek the meaning of this life, and what you should do in it, before it ends and all the regret in the world won’t help you there in the Afterlife.

Have any of these questions crossed your mind ever before? feel free to brag about your success in finding out its answer!


(1) Prophet’s saying ‘Hadith’.

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