A kid looking at his dad while praying, Being the closest to your Lord & His closeness to you.

When You are The Closest to Your Lord and His Closeness to You

We often follow the visuals, and ignore the big facts that beyond what our limited eyes see. One

God states a fact in Qur’an:

And We have already created man and know what his soul whispers to him, and We are closer to him than [his] jugular vein” [Qur’an 50-16] (1)

     Our human nature is to focus on the visuals. If we didn’t manage that properly, we’ll find ourselves usually focusing on matters in front of us only. Also, these matters will only come to our attention when we see something that reminds us of them. However, there are a lot of facts beyond what our limited eyes see. We often forget what really matters; the facts of life. this may happens on the account of the new things happening to us every day. That is because all these important aspects of our lives are constantly with us while the new happenings are new and doesn’t last, so we tend to focus more on them. But that is why we need to constantly remind ourselves about those facts so that we don’t forget them and let them drift away in the streaming river of events that happens to us through our day.

Big Fact

     In fact, one of the biggest of those facts is the closeness of our Creator to us. Do you know how close His knowledge and power are to you? And if you know do you remember it that often?  We often forget to think properly about our lives in the midst of all the events that happen to us, we forget what it means and forget about the One who gave it to us. For example, have you been sick before? Of course you have, and I think you remember how you felt when you were, right? You realized how great it is to simply live the normal life, that we just take for granted. Indeed, a simple scratch would increase our awareness about when we would never think about when being unharmed and okay.

Who Really Deserves?

      The One giving us all these blessings that we enjoy is the One who Created us and everything we have. Moreover, He is our Lord, and our thanks should be directed to Him and Him Alone. To illustrate, we should not worship others and thank them for the gifts that He gave. And of course, we shouldn’t forget about His gifts. Furthermore, we shouldn’t forget about Him in the midst of our everyday events and whatever happens in it.

Think about this and try remembering it now and then. Think about all the things we take for granted. Try to remember all that we will be so thankful for and wishing it will come back if it were to go away. Indeed, all of that is from Him. He created us and everything else. Also, He gave us all what we have, and indeed He is closer to us than our own veins.

Closer Than Our Veins Fact

     It is an incredible example that He gave us in the Qur’an; He is closer to you than your veins. Indeed, as He is the one who gave us those veins, He also granted us that beating heart. It is only by His grace that any of its beats happens. His closeness is by His power and knowledge. He is closer to us than our essence. Therefore, make sure to always remind yourself with these facts, related to all His blessings and everything in this existence, happening only by His power and will. Furthermore,  they include that He is close from you and me and everything existed by his power and knowledge. He sees, hears and knows what goes in within our minds, all conflicts and feelings, and all whispers and thoughts. He knows it all. Indeed, by his blessings we are able to do any of it. All in all, keep reminding yourself with this whenever you forget in the midst of the busy life.

What to Do with This Fact?

      But how do we reach Him? How is our relation with Him supposed to be? Well, we are His creation and He is our Lord. This is the relation that we are supposed to have with him. We should submit to His will willingly, because that is the test He puts us in. This life is a test from Him to us, a test of our “actions” and “deeds.” To illustrate, it is about: do we accept the truth or reject it? Do we follow it and act the way we are supposed or not? Do we Submit or do we ignore? The Creator gives that choice to everyone. And we know what we suppose to do, but the action is what matters. Moreover, at the end death will come to us only by His decree. In fact, this serves as a great reminder that we are just servants following His will. Hence, we should submit and follow His will. In fact, that is the meaning of the word “Muslim;” a one who submits to his Lord.

When are YOU the closest to Your Lord? His messenger gives you the Answer:

The closest a servant comes to his Lord is when he is prostrating himself, so make supplication (in this state).” [Sahih Muslim](2)

In Conclusion
      Put your head on the ground for His sake, and glorify Him. This is when you are the closest to your Lord. Prostration is the manifestation of the submission to Allah (God). Also, let your deeds follow the above mentioned facts. We are the closest to Him when we are putting our heads down for Him. So prostrate to your Lord and get close, pray to Him and whenever you have anything that you are in dire need of whether it is a matter of faith or life, just put your head on the ground and ask him for it. He is always close and He is always listening.

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(1) Verse [50-16] of Qur’an (English interpretation of meaning).
(2) Prophet’s saying (Hadith).