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A Chat with an Ex-Atheist Led Her to “The Truth”: From Disbelief to Belief at a Glance!

Who is behind this universe? How did this universe come into existence? Who brought us here and why?

(This is a real chat between ABC, the chatter, and XYZ, the ex-atheist)


ABC: Hi XYZ! How are you doing? If it’s OK with you, we can discuss together here the matter of God’s existence. Is now OK with you?

XYZ: Sure!

ABC: Great! What about firstly starting with imagining a situation together?

XYZ: Sure.

ABC: Imagine that you once slept and woke up to find yourself in a factory; a factory that is so wonderful in its technology and intelligent design, and contains lots and lots of people who are working and working and everyone is so busy doing something.

Now, you have two options:

  1. Either you will just start working like them without knowing the purpose of your existence here or what you’re doing;
  2. Or you will ask first before doing anything: What’s this factory? Who is the owner of this factory? Who brought me here and why? What is required from me to do? Also, what is the reward I will get after finishing my work here? Moreover, what will happen after my time here comes to end? And so on.

What will you choose?

XYZ: I would go with option 2. Is that the wrong answer?

ABC: Of course not!

Exactly! Supposedly and logically we will choose the second option; to firstly ask.

Actually this is exactly like the life we are living here. Like the universe we suddenly found ourselves in without knowing: Who is behind this universe? How did this universe come into existence? Who brought us here and why? What is the purpose of our existence here? What will happen after our time and life here come to end? And so on.

To answer all these questions, there is another question that needs to be answered first. The most important question to firstly address is: Do we have a Creator of our universe?

Science has discovered that the universe is expanding. If we were to reverse this expansion, the universe would shrink down to nothing at all. Scientists do not know what was before the Big Bang. However, the one thing they do agree upon is that the universe is not eternal and had a beginning.

So now:

How did the universe come into existence?

XYZ: Other galaxies moving around and stars being born and dying, etc., is what I would assume. But as for literally the whole universe, I have no idea. It is beyond my mind to comprehend how it began.

ABC: OK, if we thought about this, we will get three probabilities:

1) Did it come from nothing?

What do you think?

XYZ: I don’t know. I feel like I should be an astrophysicist to even begin trying to answer.

I don’t think something can come from nothing.

Something surely had to put the particles of the universe out there.

ABC: Exactly!

From nothing, nothing comes! This is an undeniable principle. If you heard a loud bang, you would never assume it just came from nothing. Or would a pink elephant just pop out from nothing into your living room? Definitely not! So, the universe could not have just come out of nothing.

So, as for the first probability, it’s completely rejected.

2) Did the universe create itself?

Again, what do you think?

XYZ: I think it didn’t, no.

ABC: Again, exactly!

This is irrational simply because that would require the universe to be in existence and non-existence at the same time. It’s like saying: a mother gave birth to herself!

So, also the second probability is completely rejected.

XYZ: So something had to start it all. I can agree with that.

ABC: Perfect! And this is what we will think about in the third probability.

3) Does the universe have a creator?

XYZ: How do we know it was Allah and not many gods or another god from a different religion? Because of the Quran predicting science things?

ABC: Don’t worry! We will get the answers together now through our discussion.

Actually, from logical and rational point of view, this is the most logical and rational conclusion!

So, now we agree that by mind this universe must have a creator.

Now, what about that Creator? How should the Creator of this universe be?

When we observe the solar system, the planets, the galaxies, the stars, everything in the universe, we find that this indicates that the creator must have an amazing amount of power and ability to be able to bring this universe into existence.

Not to mention that anything that is ordered indicates intelligence. If we looked again at our universe, we will find that our solar system is highly ordered with systems, laws, and patterns which indicate that there is an intelligent designer behind it. For example: The sun is at a perfect distance from the earth. If the sun was slightly further away, we would freeze; if it was any closer, we would burn.

The Ozone Layer; if we did not have ozone layer protecting us, we would be dramatically affected by the sun’s harmful rays.

So, from all of this, we can conclude that the best explanation for our existence is that there is a Creator of the universe who has an absolute power and intelligence.

What do you think? Do you agree?

XYZ: Sounds reasonable so far yes.

ABC: OK. Now, the next question we need to think about is:

Is that Creator the same as or different from the creation?

XYZ: Definitely different. None of us can do any of that.

ABC: Exactly!

From a side, we have just said that the Creator of this universe must be super powerful and intelligent, must have an absolute power and intelligence, which does not apply to the creation and to the humans who cannot even create a very small fly!

XYZ: True.

ABC: So, this negates all religions that say that the Creator (or God) is within the creation.

XYZ: Yes.

ABC: From another side, when we make a chair or a table, we do not become that manufactured chair or table. We are distinct and different from what we make. Similarly with the Creator, it would be irrational to say that the Creator created us then became us or became a part of His creation, or to ask: Who created the creator? Because this would be like asking: “Who baked the baker?”! Simply, making something does not make you that thing with the same characteristics.

However, let’s think about what if the creator is created!

XYZ: Okay.

ABC: If the creator is created, then this created creator should have a creator. And if the creator of the creator is created, then it should have another creator. And if the creator of the creator of the creator is created, it should also have another creator, and so on and on. This means that we will end up with an infinite chain of created creators! What does this mean? This means that in this case nothing would have been created! There will be no universe! The universe would have not been created!

This is simply because for the creation to happen, there must be a starting point at which there is an Uncreated Creator, Who does not depend in His existence and actions on another creator before Him, and at Whom everything just starts!

Not to mention here that the assumption of the infinite chain of created creators is just an imaginary assumption, that exists only in the imagination, and even can never happen and exist in reality.

So, for the universe to be in existence, we could not have an infinite amount of creators and instead we would need a Creator Who is Uncreated and Eternal.

And this negates the idea that the Creator, or God, could be created, and accordingly negates all religions that worship fake created gods. Also, this answers the common question of “Who created God?”.

XYZ: If the creator has no beginning, I’m still stuck on the universe itself having no beginning.

ABC: We agreed that the Creator is completely different from the creation. The universe is created. It’s one of the Creator’s creatures. So, its nature is completely different and can never be compared to The Creator.

Since the universe is created, it needs a Creator. Since the Creator is the Creator, He does not need a creator because He is The Creator!

The Creator means that He just exists by Himself.

XYZ: Oooooookay. The universe is considered a creation. Somehow I didn’t think of that until you said it.

ABC: Good. Great!

Then, the Creator is completely different from the creation and the creatures, and He can never be created.

So, the Creator must be Unique, Uncreated, and Eternal Creator.

Agree till now?

XYZ: Yes.

ABC: The next thing we need to think about is: Is there only one Uncreated Creator or more?

Let me know what you think about this.

XYZ: Hmmm. How do we figure out which it is?

To make sure we are right that there is only one, how do we exclude others?

ABC: OK. Simply, if there is more than one creator behind this universe, it would be chaos and total mess! The universe would have been ruined! This is because each creator would have taken what it created, and some of them would have sought to overcome others. If we looked at the stories and legends of the ancient Greek gods, as an example, we will find that they would often go into war with each other!

So, the order in the creation and the accurate system and harmony in the universe is a clear evidence of God’s oneness, of the existence of the One, Unique, Self-Sufficient, Eternal, and Uncreated Creator of the heavens and earth.

Agree? Let me know what you think. Feel free to express what you think.

XYZ: Sounds okay so far. It would get ridiculous if there were more than one, definitely.

ABC: So, we agree now that there is God, the Creator of heavens and earth, and this God is only One Unique God. Right?

Do you agree with me on this so far?

XYZ: Yes.

Sorry. I went to try to pray in my living room. But I am back now.

ABC: To try to pray?! Muslims’ prayer?

XYZ: Yes.

ABC: Really?!

XYZ: Mmm!

I did purification ‘wudu’ (I have been doing that at least once a day for a week or two to get used to it) and I took a guide I found with me and tried.

ABC: Oh, great! But can I ask: Why?!

XYZ: I wanted to ask for guidance, if Allah is there, I want guidance to find him if he is there.

ABC: And I’m pretty sure He will answer your prayer sooner than you may imagine.

XYZ: I hope so. I know I didn’t say it all right but I did the best I could. And I think I got all the steps done this time. Last time I missed some big hunks of prayer and didn’t realize until later.

I just want the truth, whatever it is.

ABC: This is what we all, all people have to do. To seek the truth and to accept it whatever it is.

XYZ: Yes.

ABC: Let’s continue?

XYZ: Yes.

ABC: Now, after we got God’s attributes;

To whom are these attributes applicable?

Are they applicable to the gods of the religions and beliefs in which the god is incarnated in a human being, is a human being, has partners, is created, is animal, fire, or stone, or to the gods of religions that believe in many gods? Do you think all this is true or just fake?

Actually these attributes are applicable only to the One and Only True, Unique God Who is worthy to be worshiped alone without associating any other partners with Him, applicable only to Almighty Allah, the Creator of heavens and earth?

XYZ: I would agree. I don’t think I can refute anything you’ve said.

ABC: Now let’s move to another point.

Is it logical that the Creator, Allah, created us without letting us know why? Why did He create us? Why did He bring us here? What is the purpose of our life here? What happens after our time comes to end on this planet?

XYZ: I think it is possible the creator didn’t tell us anything, but also possible he did.

ABC: As a possibility, yes this might be possible. But logically, I don’t see it’s logical to leave us without any guidance, without at least telling us why He created us and what’s required from us to do while we are living her and until our life and time finish here in this worldly life.

XYZ: I would expect the creator to tell us at least, and I think it is improbable that the creator would leave us to our own devices.

ABC: Exactly, I agree with you. And this is the truth.

This is what happened indeed!

Allah created us and sent to us guidance, “the manual” to call it, to guide us to Him, to let us know Him, know Who He is, how to worship Him, how to live our life as He intends, what the reward we will get after finishing our duty and obey him here in this worldly life, and what will happen after it finishes and we die. All this and more God (Almighty Allah) told us about and didn’t hide anything from us.

He told us this through choosing some sacred persons, who are called Prophets and Messengers of Allah, who include for example: Adam, Abraham, Noah, Moses, Jesus, and finally Muhammad, the last and final Prophet of Allah. He sent them to their people, each to his people and the people at his time only, except Prophet Muhammad who was sent to the whole humanity, to all mankind till the end of the world, since he is the last Prophet and there is no other Prophet after him.

God sent all of them with the same one message: Worshiping Allah alone and not associating any partners with Him. All Prophets and Messengers of Allah called their people to the oneness of Allah, to worshiping Allah alone.

XYZ: And the messengers before Muhammad (PBUH), their people corrupted the message. That I can easily believe.

ABC: Yes, true.

Allah sent those Prophets and Messengers and sent down on them “the manual”, revelations to their people, like the original Torah, the original Gospel, and finally the Holy Qur’an, the final revelation to mankind, that its first and most important aspect is that its message of who God is aligns with our logic and reasoning. As mentioned earlier, it is logical to believe in the All-Powerful Unique Creator that is unlike the creation. And this is exactly what the Qur’an says.

Then so far, do you believe in the Prophets and Messengers of Allah and in the one message He sent them with, which is the oneness of Allah and calling people to worshiping Allah alone without associating any other partners with Him?

XYZ: Yes, I think so.

ABC: Then, till now, do you believe in Allah, His Messengers, and His books (the original Torah, the original Gospel, and the Holy Qur’an)?

XYZ: I think so. Without further study or anything, yes.

It seems too simple. I suppose I expect something more complicated.

ABC: Yes, indeed, the matter is so simple and easy.

Since your answer is yes, You are almost Muslim then! You now already believe in what Muslims believe in. But to formally become Muslim, you have firstly to pronounce the Shahada (the testimony of faith) which is just a matter of confirming what you already believe in and announcing it with your tongue like you believe in it with your heart.

So, are you ready to pronounce Islam testimony ‘Shahada’ now?

XYZ: There is still doubt but I don’t know if I should trust that doubt. Agnostic atheism has given me peace and it felt like everything in the universe made sense. I am afraid of becoming Muslim and being confused and lost and everything won’t make sense.

ABC: One of the meanings of the word “Islam” is peace! Can you imagine?

Even if being atheist or agnostic made you feel peace here in this worldly life, do you guarantee that it will make you feel the same in the hereafter? Do you guarantee that it will make you feel the same while you’re standing before your Creator to judge you according to your deeds here in this life, and whether or not you accepted His true religion and submitted to Him?

Unfortunately, definitely no!

So, which to choose? The peace here and there, in this life and in the afterlife, or the peace here and the hell there?

I think it’s a settled choice!

XYZ: And Allah will forgive me for my hopelessness and mistakes and missing prayers while I figure it all out? I guarantee I’ll miss some accidentally.

ABC: Don’t worry, since you will have a sincere intention to learn and apply and to truly practice Islam, definitely Allah will reward you for every single and little step you do, and even for your struggle to learn and practice. Always remember that everything of this will have a reward in return.

XYZ: Okay.

ABC: Now, to become a Muslim, pronounce with me the Shahada (testimony of faith) in English and Arabic with your tongue.

XYZ: Okay.

ABC: In English: “I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.”

In Arabic: “Ash-hadu ann la elaha ella Allah, wa ash-hadu anna Muhammad rasool Allah.”

XYZ: Done.

ABC: Allahu Akbar!

Now you are Muslim, dear.

XYZ: Allahu Akbar!

Oh wow!

That’s overwhelming.

ABC: Congratulations, honey!

XYZ: Wow.

ABC: May Allah keep you and your heart steadfast on His true religion.

XYZ: Inshallah, he will guide me further to him.

ABC: Ameen.

This is a real conversation that took place few months ago. The real names have been hidden for keeping the privacy of the two sisters.  

And you too, dear reader! Hurry up! Life is so short and not guaranteed. Don’t waste more time and just take the same step now.

Welcome to Islam in advance!


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