Did You Know? The Word “Halal” Isn’t Just For Meat!

While surfing the World Wide Web, I was remarkably surprised to find reputable dictionary sites such as Cambridge,

While surfing the World Wide Web, I was remarkably surprised to find reputable dictionary sites such as Cambridge, Merriam-Webster, and Dictionary.com defining the word Halal as “animal or their meat slaughtered or prepared in the manner prescribed by Islamic law (i.e. halal meat or halal butcher)”.

What is the actual meaning of the word “Halal”?

The word “Halal” is defined as “Lawful”, it refers to anything that is lawful according to the Islamic Law. Not only does it include Halal slaughter or meat, but also all that which is related to every aspect in life.

The word Halal is a broad-spectrum and a very comprehensive term to be restricted to meat or means of slaughter only.

In her article in the Guardian, Catherine Fildes, a Muslim British writer, says: Halal” is an Arabic term that, in Islamic contexts, means “lawful, permissible”. Muslims are supposed to live their lives within this concept and with its connotations of cleanliness, integrity and self-restraint”.

The thoroughness and the universality of the mission of Islam has left nothing that would concern or regulate a Muslim’s life but has clearly declared it.

Yet, regretfully, that is the only article I could find discussing such term in a manner that truly expresses its actual meaning.

Halal Vs. Haram

To the contrary, the word “Haram” refers to anything that is unlawful according to the Islamic Law. Undoubtedly, this is a merit to be counted to the benefit of Islam, as it sets rules for Muslims regarding all that is permissible and impermissible for them, putting them on the right path, and drawing them away from misguidance and jumble.

How do non-Muslims perceive the word Halal?

Kirralie Smith, the creator of the Halal Choices website, Shopping Guide book and phone app., and an expert on Halal certification of foods and supermarkets in Australia, in her article on “pickering post” addressed “Halal in Sharia Law”, posted on Thu 15 Jan. 2015, Smith had stated “The word “Halal”  simply means “Permissible”. Outside of Sharia Law “Halal” as a concept does not even exist”. Along with her article, She had posted a very offensive and aggressive photo that had taken me to furiously ask myself what does such photo have to do with her article except for emphasizing the barbarian face of Islam that she believed in! She had really showed her discomfort and rejection to the spread of Sharia Law implementation in her country Australia.

Why do non-Muslims restrict the word “Halal” to food only?

Non-Muslims seem to have little knowledge of Islam as an integrated religion, they only know the fact that many restaurants nowadays serve Halal food in Non-Muslim countries.

But as a comprehensive mission, the spread of the real teachings of Islam is absent except for some minor individualistic missionary activities undertaken by some social organizations.

In America for instance, a poll has been published on the “Brookings” website regarding the American attitudes towards Islam, and this was the result:

According to the poll, it is obviously clear that Non-Muslims do not have favorable opinions of Islam; this is why they are not really vigorous about knowing much more about it.

Muslims really need to introduce the real Islam to people, correct the misleading terms, and spread the true hidden aggrieved ‘Deen’ that is rejected by non-Muslims due to the calls of hatred and violence lead by delusive mass-media industries.