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Is Evil a Problem? 5 Reasons in Islam Saying It Isn’t!

Why does evil exist in this world? Here are five reasons why Evil isn't a problem; form Islamic

     Many people struggle so much when they try to understand this world we live in when they look at the evil that exists. In this article, we will look at it as well, and we will discuss 5 reasons why Evil isn’t a problem; for Islam at least.

Every soul will taste death. And We test you ˹O humanity˺ with good and evil as a trial, then to Us you will ˹all˺ be returned.” [Qur’an 21-35] (1)


1. Why does evil exist in this world? How about the reason this world exists?

     The question that rendered tons of people sleeplessness is rather quite simple when you look at how Islam answered it. Starting by generalizing it: (What is the purpose of this life itself?)
Answering that with the right answer gives us the satisfying answer for the first question, as: (evil, misfortune and suffering,… etc.) are all simply part of this life.

So if we ever wish to understand it we need a “correct” understanding of life first. And we could only get the answer for such question from only one source; the One who created it.

[He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed – and He is the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving” [Qur’an 67-2] (2)


Life is simply a test

     We aren’t here to suffer or be punished; we are here to be tested. If you understand that, you will easily know the answer for the question of evil. Evil is just a test for us. A test whether we will choose the right choice or not. Will we believe and be patient, or just be lost in discontent?
Will people choose to do good, or choose to do evil; that is also a part of it.

Some Evil exists because our Creator allowed us the choice –because it is a test from Him- and some humans chose the Evil and that corruption happens by what the hands of humans have earned. As God said in this Ayah:

Corruption has appeared throughout the land and sea by [reason of] what the hands of people have earned so He may let them taste part of [the consequence of] what they have done that perhaps they will return [to righteousness].”  [Qur’an 30/41] (3)

2. Is Good a Problem? Why does Good Exists?

     Most of the misunderstanding of anything is a result of having a partial or incomplete view of it from the start. It is the same in this case, looking only at one part of life and totally forgetting the other part. That is a problem.

Good is a problem for those who think evil is a problem, because again “Why does it exist?” comes. And actually it has the same answer as evil; it is a test.
Being tested by temptations and all the things that God ‘Allah’ provides us is the other part of life. Are we thankful to Him and doing the good in return, or did we forget that we are slaves of our Creator and are denying His blessings on us. Are we swallowed by ego and pride or are we still humble and doing what we were created here to do; worshiping our lord.

And although evil and good are explained perfectly well in Islam, they remain far from that in any other world view. On the other hand, for those who look at evil and find it a problem, it would be a huge problem for them when they look at good and think of its source and why it exists.


3. Death, the end of everything

     Death is the end of this temporary test that we live! Also, it’s a perfect reminder that we aren’t as great as we think we are. Death is a reminder that we are servants that don’t really have a choice outside the limited frame that our Lord has given us. Moreover, death is the reminder that not just evil, but also good is temporary, and that they don’t last.

Be it a good life, a bad life, a cool life or one that is filled with suffering… it all ends. And only the consequences of our choices in this life will remain when the curtain is raised to the next one.

4. The pure justice… the life after this one

     Evil is a problem for those who think that (this worldly life) is all there is. Definitly, if that is what you think, then it is a big problem. But thank God, The All Just ‘Al-‘Adl’, The Creator who created this world, who didn’t make it all there is to life. The next one, the Hereafter is the life where justice is fulfilled.
When all of us rise as our Creator creates us again as He did the first time. And anyone who did evil in this life, harmed another soul or committed grave atrocities and went without facing Judgment will be judged.

When the Day comes; The Judgment Day, this goes for all, you, me and everyone. In fact, we all will witness all our deeds in this life and all our choices. Then, we will be judged on everything! Either, the choices regarding our relation with Allah (God), Or our relation with others and even our relation with our own selves.

And any injustice will be judged by Al-‘Adl (The All Just)
And ˹even˺ if a deed is the weight of a mustard seed, We will bring it forth. And sufficient are We as a ˹vigilant˺ Reckoner.”
[Qur’an 21-47] (4)


5. The REAL Problem of Evil

     Evil isn’t a problem to Muslims, and that is why although Muslim suffer the most now, they have the lowest rates of suicide. The real problem of evil is for those who deny all that and give no answer for the existence of evil in return!

     Those who often see evil as a problem don’t have an answer for it themselves if you asked them about it. Thus, they only deny God using it as an excuse. Although, when you ask “Why does evil exist then?  The answer is (None).

To them, this whole life is meaningless, and so is evil. Whatever you do in it is meaningless: Your suffering is meaningless. No matter if you are happy, or you are suffering the worst pain… it doesn’t matter. Actually, when that is the case, then it is the real problem for any human with a pure heart and mind.


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