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The Judgment Day is coming… Are You Prepared!

I used to think of death as an illusion. Maybe I used to believe theoretically in it, but

My Story With The Judgment Day:

     I used to think of death as an illusion. Maybe I used to believe theoretically in it, but my reality was different. That continued till one day I suddenly felt that I was going to die then. My body was trembling and I couldn’t see or stand straight, I was alone and I wasn’t able even to cry for help from anyone near. At that time, I was very afraid. I started to think about my past deeds and what is going to happen to me, but I couldn’t remember any sincere deed I did that may support me. At that time, my soul cried out; yes, I admit now that I was wrong. O my creator! Shall You give me another chance to correct my path? After that I somehow started to feel better gradually.


     Although it was a very hard experience, I came out of it with new realization…

The day of judgment is coming… Am I prepared?

I’ve started to look at my life in a new way, I’ve tried to satisfy the Creator, not myself, my traditions, or my society. of course, I believe that all people are weak. They can’t stop death from reaching them or whom they love. Actually, everything will go, good moments and bad ones. All what will remain is our deeds and effect in this life. Yes, I admit that I’m an imperfect being, and I forget that a lot. But the important point is to try to regularly remind myself and others of the reality of this life.

The Concept of Day of Judgment:

     Believing in that Day is one of the cornerstones of faith in Islam. As Muslims, we believe that this life isn’t the only life.

Believing in the soul and the afterlife is foremost about having faith in the unseen. Just as our souls are intangible beings giving life to our physical bodies, the world we see around us is functioning basically on an invisible system created by God who is Ever-Watchful and All-Aware. Muslims believe that God is also Just and He maintains a meticulous record of our deeds. We will be recompensed for our earthly lives in the hereafter where ultimate justice prevails.


     It isn’t fair for this life to be the end, or to let good and bad people be equal. So, believing in that Day makes the human feel non-materialistic and relax. Moreover, it lets him give others to satisfy the Creator, regardless of the reward in this life. It facilitates the concept of volunteering and helping others without even letting them know who helped them. And it supports us at the times of hardships we undergo in this life, whether as individuals or as a community. In summary, when this belief is strong, human life will be different.

Allah (only One God) the Almighty says in the noble Qur’an:

“And We place the scales of justice for the Day of Resurrection, so no soul will be treated unjustly at all. And if there is [even] the weight of a mustard seed, We will bring it forth. And sufficient are We as accountant,” [Qur’an 21-47](1)

Salvation in Islam:

     In fact, there is no one who can salvage you if you don’t believe in Allah and the Day of Judgment, even if this one is a messenger or an angel. Thus, salvation depends on your faith, and this is very just and rational fact.

So, you should learn more about the signs of that day(2)Also, learn more about what should you believe about it, in order to be prepared(3).


     To conclude, everyone can determine his future. there will be two places only; Paradise and Hellfire. Isn’t it the time to salvage yourself? Isn’t it the time to believe in One God? Isn’t it the time to be a Muslim?

(1) English interpretation of meaning (Qur’an verse 21-47).
(2) Signs of the judgment day.
(1) Belief in judgment day.