Know The Fact That No One Can Deny, Yet Nearly 90% Of People Ignore

People have many disagreements in this life. Disagreements in nearly all matters that you can think of. Yet,

People have many disagreements in this life. Disagreements in nearly all matters that you can think of. Yet, one of the facts that no one can deny is the same fact that most ignore. This makes you wonder; why do people ignore such a critical fact in our lives? And are you conscious and preparing for what’s coming? Or are you one of those people that don’t like to think of that fact?

But what is this fact that I am talking about?

It’s death. The simple fact that we are all going to die one day.

No one can deny this fact, right?
Yet, as I told you, many just ignore it and live this life as if there was no such thing as death, as if this life would last forever. And even if they don’t think that it would be forever, they think it would be for a hundred years or even more.

But the fact is simply that you and I don’t know whether we are actually going to live to see tomorrow or not. Tomorrow is coming and so near, yet we don’t really know if we are still going to be in this life when it comes or would our time arrive before tomorrow arrives?
We spend our lives looking too much into the future as if we own it and as if it’s granted to come. We spend our lives thinking that the only thing that is coming tomorrow is just another day, forgetting the simple fact that this life is a limited temporary life. It doesn’t matter if death reached any of us after a hundred years, a year, tomorrow, or even this night; the fact remains that this life will end.

What should be the impact of death on your life?

As we’re all looking and preparing for what is coming, preparing for the exam that we may have after months from now, preparing for deadlines to be met, we should also prepare for our own deadline. We should search and look objectively at what is around us, know what this life actually means, what is it that we are supposed to do in it, and where would we end up when we die. Ignoring death and saying that nothing will happen after it and saying that this life is meaningless is in itself meaningless. The fact is that death is coming, and when it does it doesn’t matter what we’ll tell ourselves to sedate our minds and not think about it. What will matter is the reality. So we need to be aware of it from now on and be prepared for it.
Searching and looking for what the meaning behind all this is, what makes sense and what doesn’t, and what we should actually be doing in our lives?
Because death is coming, whether we liked it or not. And what will happen after it will happen whether we liked it or not. Prepare now to avoid regretting later.

The thought of death shouldn’t be something that causes anxiety. Remembering what is coming should make us remember the reality of this life and accomplish more in it before it ends. If the thought of death is bothering, then use it as a motive to do more to search and know what all this is about and achieve more in it. Don’t run away from it, because facts remain facts, whether you liked it or not.

Remember the breaker of pleasures

Let me tell you what I think about death. Death isn’t the end my friend and the one who brought us to this life can easily bring us back again. The one who created all of this can easily make it once again.
And it is He who can tell us whether it would happen or not, it is He who can make us know what the purpose from this life is and what should we do in it, it is He who can tell us where we are heading and what would happen to us after death. Many humans claimed many things about it, and some make their own answers up simply to relieve their minds from thinking about it. But the truth remains that we can’t just make things up and expect them to replace the truth. We need to search and actually know. We need to look into the evidence and not reject any of it just because we don’t like it. What we like should follow the truth because when the time comes what would matter is the reality, but not necessarily what we like.

The one who created you gifted you with a mind and with intellect so that you can search and realize the truth, so that you can recognize your purpose and what you should do, and distinguish that from false claims. The truth became a cliché because everyone just took it as a matter of fun, but the reality is that truth in the existential matters is the thing that we all need the most. I believe in what I do because it resonates with common sense and the truth within all of us. I know it because of the many pieces of evidence proving it and I thank the Creator for giving us the answers we need for such critical questions and making them clear. I thank Him because he gave us the ability to distinguish the truth. I don’t call for play, however, I invite you to check by yourself. See the evidence that anyone with common sense shall accept, and find the answer that you need.

Look into Islam and its evidence and you will find the answers you need. And make sure to cling to it when you find it. The truth deserves it.

Remember the breaker of pleasures. Don’t let your own desires trick you and actually know where are you heading before time runs out.