What Does Learning Islamic Creed Add to Richill Journey?

What Does Learning Islamic Creed Add to Richill Journey?

What Does Learning Islamic Creed Add to Richill Journey? It teaches her the purpose of life, concept of

I am Richill, a new/revert Muslim that has never thought before to become one. After becoming a Muslim, I started to learn my religion. One of the important courses that I’ve finished is Aqidah (Islamic creed) course. Alhamdulillah for being guided to this course and that He has given me my lovely teacher and sisters.

Main Points in Islamic Creed

I will tell you some of the knowledge I gained in this course:

  • I learned that Islam is the religion of all Messengers.
  • Moreover, Islam is the most important necessity to human beings because without this religion we will not know the purpose of life.
  • I also learned the six articles of faith: believing in Allah, His Angels, His Divine Books, His Messengers, The Last Day and the Divine Decree, all of it.

Concept of God in Islam VS. Christianity

In Islam there’s only One God and that is Allah. Indeed, He is the only True God and worthy of all praise. Also, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing of Allah be upon him) is the last Messenger of Allah…When I was in Christianity I was taught about three gods called “trinity” that later on made me confused, in a way that I have to invoke three so there would be no conflicts between them.

 But thanks be to Allah because of Islam and being in this course, things became clearer to me. ALLAH is our only true God. He has no partner or a son. And He is The Only Creator and everything belongs to Him.

Islam Is A Way of Life

Actually, there were many things to learn about. Islam is a way of life not just a religion. It teaches me how to be a good person which is being a good Muslim. It also teaches me how to be patient and rely more on Allah the Almighty.

Islam Accepts My Weakness As A Human

Adding to that, Islam helps me to realize how to behave whenever I make mistakes (take note I’m not perfect and still do sins and make mistakes).

Mercy of Allah

The most favorite part I learned throughout this course is learning how ALLAH is so Merciful. He lets people experience and understand this feeling so that they elevate their souls to a different level of feelings. This leads them to feel tears of joy and sometimes too much that it will make them cry… It’s really incomparable.

May Allah Bless you all.