There is no guaranteed salvation in Christianity!

Did you know that there is no guaranteed salvation in Christianity?

There is no guaranteed salvation in Christianity! Let's explore one simple consequence of the Christian creed and see

     The title of this article may shock a lot of people, because if there is anything that all Christians assert, it is that they shall have salvation. But the problem is that most Christians don’t think much about their own creed, what it means and what follows from it. There are a lot of consequences of what they say and claim without second thought like that. In this article I will explore one simple consequence of the Christian creed and see where it leads. 

What is the creed that I am talking about? 

     To make things clear, I will state what exactly I am referring to; Christians believe that their salvation is received by God himself becoming a man and dying on the cross to rid humanity of its sin. This creed has so much irrationality in it. Actually, what I will be focusing on the part where they say that “God became man”. 

Where is the problem? 

    In Numbers 23:19 it says,God is not a man that he should lie nor a son of man that he should repent.(1)
This verse is really problematic because it states clearly that God is not a man or a son of man. It clearly denies that. It also, portrays it as something lowly and unfit of God, among the other attributes mentioned in the verse that follows being a man, and are all clearly denied in the verse.

So when a Christian says he believes in the bible which contains this, while also saying he believes that Jesus –the man the son of man– is God, there is a clear contradiction here between the dogma and the scripture, and I think the majority of Christians just ignore this text and just look the other way when they are reading it  -if they do read it- because of how it directly conflicts with their core belief. 

But there are other Christians who might not see a problem here at all, saying God wasn’t a man, and then he became a man; no contradiction here. This reply is actually what represents the Christian belief accurately, but from that exact reply comes a much bigger problem. 

How can it be that there is no guaranteed salvation in Christianity? 

     It all comes from that core part of the Christian creed that God may change. It is perfectly acceptable by the Christian creed that God may change. Shockingly, not just that, but He may change to something lowly and unfit of him, something that He clearly denied before. And that is exactly why there could never be any guaranteed salvation in Christianity.
Because the one absolute, the one and only, that we -any human- could rely on to guarantee any and everything -according to Christians- may change. 

Think about it, when they say “God is merciful, God is just, God has wisdom, God is love, God is truthful”, it all becomes meaningless once you add to it God may change, doesn’t it?? 

Back to the scripture 

     To make the point more clear, let’s go back to the verse mentioned above. It makes the clear connection between “God is not a man” and “God doesn’t lie”. So the simplest question that I am asking to any Christian is that if God changed and became a man, how can you ever say that He wouldn’t change and go back on his promise?!

Christians promise people in the name of God that they shall receive salvation if they believed in the Christian narrative. But even if we said that this was actually a promise from God, how could any Christian trust in it when he himself believes that “God may change”?!

 And that is why I say, Christians may promise salvation but they could never guarantee salvation. They can’t even guarantee that when they go to sleep that they will wake up in this life, they might wake up finding that all this life ended and everyone is arbitrarily thrown into hell without even being judged. Why? Because as they mindlessly say, “God may change to something low and unfit of Him.”

The consequences of a false belief

     As I said in the beginning, you will rarely see a Christian talking about this matter at all. In fact, they don’t really think of the consequences of the words that come out of their mouths. If they do think and start to see all the horrible consequences that is based on what they are saying they are confronted by two choices:
– Either ignore it and just keep blindly believing and suppress the thoughts,
– Or recognizing the fault in what they are saying and admit that what they say is a horrible thing indeed. 

How can they claim that God is a man without thinking like that?! Aren’t they afraid of what The One they are speaking mindlessly on his behalf will do to them on the Day of Judgment! The day when they’ll stand before Him to face the consequences of the words they throw without a second thought?! Only then, Christians will discover that there is no guaranteed salvation.

Their creed leads them into doubting God himself, The One Absolute, The Only Refuge, the only one we could have as an anchor to be certain of anything!

Doesn’t it Make Sense?

    I wish that the Christians reading this will revise themselves. Please, think deeply of what you are saying about God before you stand before Him and be judged on it. 

And I end my article by repeating the verse from Numbers 23:19, God is not a man that he should lie nor a son of man that he should repent.” 

And following it with this verse Malachi 3:6, For I am the Lord, I do not change.(2)

To conclude, God doesn’t change, God doesn’t become something that is lowly and unfit of Him. God is neither a man nor son of man. He is not Jesus; God is The Greater. Let’s talk live now to know more about your creator.


(1) New king James version – Numbers 23.
(2) New king James version – Malachi 3.


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