Oh Look, She Is A Muslim -Great- Woman!!!

Who is the person under a Hijab? (or a niqab or burka- some of the traditional Muslim women’s

Who is the person under a Hijab? (or a niqab or burka- some of the traditional Muslim women’s clothes).
Who is really the woman underneath that piece of clothing?
Often times their attire may prevent others from seeing beyond who these women may really be. Many of these women are scientists, engineers, doctors, Olympians, warm mothers, bread winners, politicians, and entrepreneurs.
Here’s 10 surrounding examples about Muslim women.

(1) Ibtihaj Muhammad

The winner of the gold medal at the 2009 USA Fencing National Championships.(1)

(2) Mariam Sultana

The first Pakistani woman to earn a doctorate in astrophysics.
A lecturer at the mathematical sciences department of the Federal Urdu University of Arts, Science and Technology (FUUAST)
Her thesis investigated the instabilities and physical conditions which gave galaxies their ring shape.(2)

(3) Aseel Shaheen

From judging in a court to officiating on a tennis court, Muslim women seem to be ruling the courts!
Meet Aseel Shaheen: the first Arab Muslim woman to have officiated in Wimbledon deserves her place in the top 10.

(4) Edna Adan Ismail

After retiring from the WHO, Edna sold all of her possessions and returned to Somalia to build a hospital in the country with one of world’s highest birth rates per woman and the highest maternal mortality rates.
Edna has also focused on training and dispatching 1,000 qualified midwives throughout the country.(4)

(5) Dalia Mogahed

The US’ first Muslim woman in the White House back in 2009, she is one of Barack Obama’s ‘closest advisors’ advocating the views and opinions of Muslims across the US in the most simplistic, recognizable and agreeable way.(5)

(6) Asli Sancar

The author who was awarded first place in the history/politics category in the 2008 Benjamin Franklin Publishing Awards
Ms. Sancar has written on women’s issues.  
She also lectures extensively in Turkey and the U.S. and has been featured broadly in the Turkish media.
In addition to writing, she translates English/Turkish professionally.(6)

(7) Kholoud Al-Faqih

In 2008, she passed two competitive judicial exams in Ramallah, excelling in the Islamic law portions.  Judge Kholoud beat out dozens of her male colleagues in the process.  
One year later, she was appointed as a judge in the Sharia Court of Ramallah, making her the first female Sharia judge in Palestine.(7)

(8) Dr. Magda Amer

A Biochemist, Naturopath, and Caller of Islam. Dr. Amer has also written many books in Arabic, English, and French. Among these books is a series named” The Miraculous Nature of Human Creation”,
She received PhD in biochemical analysis. She was appointed a fellow of Laboratory Analysis at Ain Shams University Hospital and was also a Lecturer of Immunology. (8)

(9) Fawzia Al Hani

She holds a Bachelor of Sociology from Abdulaziz University in Jeddah.
She has participated in numerous national and international conferences, including the first forum of the Women’s Studies Centre at the University of Kuwait (2011), Women and the Culture of Peace in the Middle East (Cyprus, 2010), and the third annual meeting of the Arab Tolerance Network (Beirut, 2011).(9)

(10) TawakKul Karman

A journalist, politician, and a human rights activist as well as one of the 10 Muslims that has won a Nobel Peace Prize.(10)

To conclude, Islam, regards women as precious and valuable, not to be disrespected or disgraced. The mistreatment of women in some Middle-Eastern countries or Muslim families is due to cultural factors that some Muslims wrongly follow, not because of Islam. Why would many Muslim women around the world make achievements in different fields if it is an oppressive religion?

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