Thanksgiving: The Story That No One Will Tell You

Thanksgiving that is celebrated in each and every home in the US and Canada has a bloody story

Thanksgiving that is celebrated in each and every home in the US and Canada has a bloody story that no one will ever tell you.

If you think that Thanksgiving was a celebration from the pilgrims with the Indians, then you may want to read this article.

Many British Christians had so many concerns and doubts about Christianity that they decided to migrate and leave behind the assault of the churches on them, heading to America which has been earlier discovered by the Indians.

The myth says that the pilgrims had landed in the state of Massachusetts due to its breathtaking beauty, and its drinkable water. This was at the end of November. And because of the very cold weather, and their lack of experience of how to fish and harvest, many of them died.

The Wampanoag Indians, who occupied the land for thousands of years, were key to the survival of the colonists during the first year after they arrived in 1620, according to the National Museum of the American Indian. They taught them all the skills needed to survive.

After the Pilgrims successfully harvested their first crops in autumn 1621, at least 140 people gathered to eat and partake in games (for the purpose of thanking the original Indians), historians say. But pilgrims did internalize the hate and war to Indians and killed many of them at that day to take over the land!

It was not named Thanksgiving!

There’s no evidence that the 1621 feast was called Thanksgiving, and the event was not repeated for at least a decade, experts say.

And soon in 1675, many arrivals came along, another fight was originated over land and more blood was shed.

So if you think that Islam was spread by the sword, then you may need to know the history of America first. And if you think that the religion of Islam came on the heads of men, then you may want to close your eyes from the media just for some time, and really watch what America and Russia are doing to Muslims all over the world nowadays!

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