A man is sitting in the dark, trembling moments

Trembling Moment

Trembling moment! I finished the episode and instantly swiped the screen, clicked the icon of Google browser, and

     I was scrolling on Twitter when I saw his tweet, the American convert whom I follow, in which he was telling his followers that he’d love to know them all better and asking them to explain a bit about who they are and why they follow him. I started reading the replies to see one of his followers saying that his Islam story astonished her. This reply stopped me and made me say: “I want to know the story.” 

She replied: “Sheikh AlKandari hosted him in the ‘Guided by the Qur’an’ program.” 

Oh! Definitely I know the program and watched lots of its episodes. It’s a program that shows Islam stories of many converts, from different countries and continents, who were affected by the Qur’an and It was the reason for their Islam. How come I didn’t know he was one of its guests!

Qur’anic Sign

I rushed to YouTube, typed the name, and in a femtosecond the episode(*) appeared. Yes, it’s him! 

I started watching and listening to his story till I reached the part when he was narrating about the sign of the Qur’an that cleared his doubts and confusion, and confirmed to him that Islam is the true religion on which he must be steadfast. It was The Prophets chapter he was reading and the signs were: 

And We have already written in the book [of Psalms] after the [previous] mention that the land [of Paradise] is inherited by My righteous servants. (105)
Indeed, in this [Qur’an] is notification for a worshipping people.(106)
And We have not sent you, [O Muhammad], except as a mercy to the worlds. (107)
Say, ‘It is only revealed to me that your god is but one God; so will you be Muslims [in submission to Him]?’ ”    [Qur’an 21-105:108](1)

“This fell in my heart like a horror. I cannot describe how I felt that time. This sign influences me till now because this sign {the land [of Paradise] is inherited by My righteous servants} till now exists in the Psalms! I felt that I am on the right path indeed and that I have to click “Play” not “Pause” on Islam and to continue since, in-sha’ Allah, I am on the guidance path.” He interpreted.


    When I just heard him saying this, when I just imagined what he said, when I imagined that this sign of Qur’an exists till now in the Psalms, I cried with my heart shaking!

I finished the episode and instantly swiped the screen of my phone, clicked the icon of Google browser, and typed in the search box “Book of Psalms” in Arabic and decided to search to see it myself. Then, I remembered that I bookmark (https://www.biblestudytools.com/) on my laptop. I, again, rushed to the laptop, opened it, and started searching using Google as well in parallel. When finally my eyes fell on it, I kept mumbling “Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar”! 

Indeed, it exists!

“The righteous will inherit the land and dwell in it forever.” [Psalm 37:29].

As a Muslim, you already believe in the Qur’an and in what It says. You already believe that the Qur’an confirms what was before It. You already believe It’s the truth from God. You already believe in all this. But when you see this yourself with your eyes, it’s something completely different. It’s a feeling that no words can describe. 

Try Yourself! 

Why not to try it yourself?

Brother, Sister, any and every one who passed from here and read these few lines, this Book can never be but from God (Almighty Allah, the Creator of heavens and earth). Don’t take what I say as trusted. Rather, search yourself! Seek the truth yourself! Seek and search with a pure intention that you want nothing but the truth and that you will accept it whatever it is. Just for yourself, just for your survival. 

Indeed, Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. That is the straight path.

Now, will you be Muslim?


Do not die except while you are Muslim.

(*) The episode 

ح١٨ مجلة أزياء ترشد أمريكي للإسلام Ep18 Joe Bradford, USA

(Please click the captions icon, or “CC” icon, for the English subtitles.)


(1) Verses (21:105-108) of Qur’an (English interpretation of meaning).

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