Why Is Islam Spreading?

According to a comprehensive American study conducted in 2009, the annual growth rate of 2.2 % in number

According to a comprehensive American study conducted in 2009, the annual growth rate of 2.2 % in number of new Muslims (by birth or conversion) and Guinness World Records in2003 stated that Islam has the highest growth rate among religions of the world. Muslims are 23% of the world population today, so WHY NOT KNOW WHY?

Quranic Effect

The question of the age is “Why am I here?” the answer is in Islam. Being a way of life not only a religion, Islam gives humans not only a belief system, fulfilling worship rituals but also a purpose in life, to worship God and to achieve happiness in both this life and the afterlife.

Quran is the book of Islam and the everlasting miracle which enabled Islam to withstand the test of time. Quran is miraculous in every way, its language, wisdom, guidance and logic. Hearing passionate and proficient reciters as Abd El-baset abd Al-Menshawy, non-Muslims, non-Arabic speaker listeners got so emotional that some wept and others became Muslims after merely experiencing the effect of recited Quran let alone understanding it.

Quran stood the test of time. Authenticity of the Quran has never been contested. There is not one verse that conflicts with logic, modern scientifically proven facts or even authentic historic information. In fact, 1/6 of Quran talks about knowledge and science in support of belief in one God and the Day of Judgment.

Huge Number!

Islam followers are growing in number because it is the true religion that hasn’t been altered in any form or way during its 14 centuries of existence.  Truth seekers are drawn to Islam because it provides clear, logic and undisputed answers to their every question about; where did we come from? Why are we here? Where do we go after death? How to be happy?

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Why Is Islam Spreading?

Written by: Abeer AlTahan