Why Islam is the Truth?

Why Is Islam the Truth?

Do you know what is Islam? Why is Islam the truth? Do you know that there is only

     Do you know what is Islam? Why is Islam the truth? Or do you know which religion God mentioned and named it? Also, do you know which religion believes in all Prophets? Do you know that there aren’t many religions and there is only one religion for all messages and all Prophets?

We’ll know all of that and more here. Let’s start…

1- What Is Islam?

     To begin with, Islam is an Arabic word that means complete submission, surrender, and obedience to God ‘Allah’ alone. The message of Islam is the oneness of God “Allah” and that no one’s worth to worship but God alone.

We will find the same message in the Old Testament in the Bible: Moses said:

“Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is One”. (1)

And in the New Testament:

“This is eternal life that they may know You, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you have sent.(2)

God says in the Quran:

Indeed, We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], as We revealed to Noah and the Prophets after him. And we revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, the Descendants, Jesus, Job, Jonah, Aaron, and Solomon, and to David We gave the book [of Psalms]. And [We sent] messengers about whom We have related [their stories] to you before and messengers about whom We have not related to you. And Allah spoke to Moses with [direct] speech.”  [Qur’an 4: 163-164](3)

2- Islam Is the Only Religion That Believes in All Prophets:

     Does Christianity or Judaism believe in Muhammad as a Prophet? No

Does Islam believe in Jesus and Moses as Prophets? Yes

Islam is the only religion that believes in all Prophets before Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) as mentioned in the Qur’an (the holy book of Muslims):

Say, We have believed in Allah and in what was revealed to us and what was revealed to Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, and the Descendants [al-Asbāṭ], and in what was given to Moses and Jesus and to the Prophets from their Lord. We make no distinction between any of them, and we are Muslims [submitting] to Him.” [Qur’an 3:84] (4)

3- Islam Is the Religion of God:

     Is the name of the religion of God there in the Bible? 

Was Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, or Hinduism mentioned in their relative books as a religion of God?

The answer… No!

Every religion in the world has been named either after the name of its founder or after the community and nation in which that religion took its birth. For instance, Christianity from the name of its Prophet Jesus Christ, as also Buddhism from its founder Gautama Buddha and Judaism from the name of tribe Judah (of the country of Judea) wherein it took its birth.

Only Islam’s name was chosen by God “Allah” Himself and clearly mentioned in the Qur’an as the religion of God “Allah “.

Indeed, the religion in the sight of Allah is Islam. And those who were given the Scripture did not differ except after knowledge had come to them – out of jealous animosity between themselves. And whoever disbelieves in the verses of Allah, then indeed, Allah is swift in [taking] account.” [Qur’an 3:19] (5)

4- Islam Is the Religion of All Prophets:

     According to Islam and what came in the Qur’an, Islam is the religion of all Prophets sent to people from Adam until Jesus (peace be upon them); all of them came with the message of Islam. But each Prophet came for a particular people for a particular time. So all the messages are the same in their foundation; worshipping God alone, but differ in some laws according to the nation of each Prophet. Until God “Allah” sent the final message of Islam through the final Prophet of Islam, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

And Abraham instructed his sons [to do the same] and [so did] Jacob, [saying], “O my sons, indeed Allah has chosen for you this religion, so do not die except while you are Muslims.” [Qur’an 2:132] (6)

And Moses said, “O my people, if you have believed in Allah, then rely upon Him, if you should be Muslims [i.e., submitting to Him].” [Qur’an 10:84](7)

But when Jesus felt [persistence in] disbelief from them, he said, “Who are my supporters for [the cause of] Allah?” The disciples said, “We are supporters for Allah. We have believed in Allah and testify that we are Muslims [submitting to Him].”  [Qur’an 3:52] (8)

5- Similarities & Differences between Religions

Indeed, that’s what makes whoever reads in religions find many similarities between Islam and other religions like Judaism and Christianity. But we should know that the changes in creeds and books had happened after the death of Prophets before Prophet Muhammad, so people thought that there is a difference between the messages and thought that there are many religions other than Islam. So, we will find that the previous people changed in Prophets’ messages for their personal interests. God didn’t keep the previous messages from people’s changes because the final message of Islam is going to be delivered by Prophet Muhammad and God will keep it from any changing as He said:

Indeed, it is We who sent down the message [i.e., the Qur’an] and indeed, We will be its guardian.” [Qur’an 15:9] (9)  

6- Islam Is the Origin of All Religions:

     So we can understand that there’s no religion but Islam and Islam is the origin of all religions, or to be more accurate, is the religion of all messages.

The messages of Abraham, Jacob, Solomon, Moses, Jesus, and all Prophets who we know or don’t know and the final message of Prophet Muhammad, all are part of the religion of Islam. And the final message of Islam is the universal message of Islam which is suitable for all people, all nations, and all-time until this life end, the final message completes all previous messages.

Look at what Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him recited from the words of Allah in his final speech to the people before his death:

…This day I have perfected for you your religion and completed My favor upon you and have approved for you Islam as religion…” [Qur’an 5:3] (10)


     Finally, the truth of Islam is clear like the sun, everyone can see it obviously if they remove the black glasses of media’s Islamophobia. Islam is truth because it’s the religion of God that was mentioned and named by Himself. All Prophets were Muslims, from Adam to Muhammad. Islam unites all people to worship only one God; Allah.

     God “Allah ” created us in this life for a purpose; to know Him well, worship Him alone without any partners or sons and to win Paradise. God sent to people the messages of Islam to tell them the purpose of their creation in this life through Prophets. And the final message of Islam, which was delivered by Prophet Muhammad, was the complementing message of Islam, which suitable to all people for any time and was kept by God from any change until the Day of Judgement.

Isn’t it the time to be a Muslim?


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