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The Holy Qur’an is a book of guidance for all mankind, which literally means “the recitation”. Being the central religious text of Islam, Muslims believe it to be the final revelation from God. It outlines the values and beliefs that can transform the life of all who reads it. It is our guidebook for life, teaching a way of thinking that is positive, progressive and solution-oriented.

When one adopts the worldview of the Qur’an, they become a person who believes in justice for all, equality for all, and personal responsibilities.

In brief, the Qur’an is a personal letter from God, to mankind, providing guidelines to follow to provide the best life in this lifetime, and to achieve the best of the afterlife. If you were to open the Qu’ran and read from any point, you will learn something valuable that will a have profound effect on your outlook on life. God provides you with wisdom to make you transform yourself into a better person, and one who is loved by God.

While the ‘authentic Qu’ran’ is only in the Arabic script, you can read the translations to get the meanings of the meanings found in the message of Arabic, where the message truly resides. May your journey through this sacred text be fruitful, and may the Qur’an guide your way to truth, and provide a path you will take for the rest of your life in this world, and lead you to paradise. Ameen.

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