• In a Reply to My Atheist Friend

    One day, my philosopher atheist friend sent me a paper making a compelling case for atheism. My reply based on hiddenness of God and evil.

  • a-true-love-story-2

    A True Love Story with no Pain – Part II

    It is how relationship should be with the Creator in Islam, and these are Attributes and Names of Allah. True love shall last ever

  • a-true-love-story-part1.

    A True Love Story with no Pain – Part I

         It's fair enough for a manufacturer to offer clear manuals explaining what he created. Yet, a "Loving" manufacturer also sends with those manuals

  • Ruben 'Abu Bakr' From Hollowness to Islam

    Ruben ‘Abu Bakr’: From Hollowness to Islam

    Abu Bakr, previously known as Ruben, is an ex-atheist who reverted to Islam. Here we follow the important events in his story and shed some

  • The One Who Saved Them Can Always Save Us

    You feel fear, you feel you are alone; afraid of tomorrow, and what may happen? Read these stories to know what you should do.

  • Vince Vocarelli, from notorious to Islam

    Vince Vocarelli, From Notorious to Righteous

    Vince Vocarelli was one of the most notorious Italian gang leaders in Australia. He was imprisoned for fifteen months; in isolation where he read the

  • 99 Name of God 2

    99 Names of God – Part 2

    All His Names and Attributes are unique, as the Qur’an states, "... There  is nothing  like  unto  Him, and He is the Hearing, the

  • seven reasons not to be a Muslim

    SEVEN Reasons NOT to Be a Muslim!

    What are people’s reasons to reject Islam?! It could be strange that a Muslim seek this approach, but why people seem to resist the

  • What Does Islam Say about the Soul? 

         The soul is a special creature; you can not see it but can feel it. God and Prophet Muhammad told us little information

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