• Trembling Moment

    Trembling moment! I finished the episode and instantly swiped the screen, clicked the icon of Google browser, and typed in the search box “Psalms

  • Why Women Cannot Marry Four Men? V2

    Why can Muslim men marry four women? Why can’t Muslim women marry four men? Interesting question aren’t it? Well, to answer this we’ll cover several

  • What is The Qur’an and Who Wrote It?

    What is the final Divine scripture called the “Qur’an”? & Who wrote it? Is it a scripture God revealed to Prophet Muhammad through Jibriel

  • Silver crown, women in Islam, 2nd reasons to be a Muslim.

    Five reasons to be a Muslim (II)

    Second reason why you should follow Islam, which is women's status in Islam. Women reached the uppermost status in Islam. Islam honors women greatly.

  • Love sign with lights, real love, God's love

    Let Me Tell You About Real Love!

    Love is not just a word. Islam presents the concept of real love in a practical way, starting from eliminating Original Sin idea.

  • Is Christmas a pagan ritual?


    If you are a person of mild temperament and sensitive nature; this article is not for you.  We will be discussing a lot of emotional

  • Open book with text, If Allah loves us, why are there many rules in Islam?

    If Allah Loves us, Why are there Many Rules in Islam?

    Islam isn't about fake love. Will it really considered 'love' if a mother gives no rules letting her child harm himself and waste his precious

  • Ocean, sky, birds, & freedom. Five reasons to be a Muslim

    Five reasons to be a Muslim (I)

    Follow the Abrahamic way of finding God. Follow your Fitrah and logic to reach the true one God. Become a Muslim.

  • Picture with a heart & a text "Does Allah love us as Jesus does?"

    Does Allah Love Us as Jesus Does? 

    NOBODY on the surface has the same loving capacity as Allah Almighty love! Love doesn't exist and people don't exist and Jesus doesn't exist without

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