• Ocean, sky, birds, & freedom. Five reasons to be a Muslim

    Five reasons to be a Muslim (I)

    Follow the Abrahamic way of finding God. Follow your Fitrah and logic to reach the true one God.

  • Picture with a heart & a text "Does Allah love us as Jesus does?"

    Does Allah Love Us as Jesus Does? 

    NOBODY on the surface has the same loving capacity as Allah Almighty love! Love doesn't exist and people

  • person holding black & brown globe ball while standing on grass land golden hour. What are we doing on this earth?

    What are We Really Doing on this Earth?

    Ask people, what they are doing on this earth? the answers would mostly be materialistic. This life is all

  • Quran with text "The real author of the qur'an, who is he?"

    The real author of the Qur’an, who is he?

    You have probably heard of the Holy Book called the Quran. Is it really divine sourced? Who is the

  • Al-Aqsa Friday (Jumu'ah) prayer.

    The Significance of Friday (Jumu’ah) in Islam

    In Islam, Friday (Jumu’ah) is the most important day of the week due to the status given to

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