• Why did God choose the "Arab peninsula" to reveal Quran!

    Why did God Choose the”Arab Peninsula” to Reveal Qur’an?

    God chose to reveal Quran in the "Arab peninsula" for many valuable characteristics. Let's discover them together in this article.

  • women like flowers. Does Islam allows striking women?

    Does Islam Allow Striking Women?

    God honored women & legislated rules for dealing with them. He kept their rights & dignity in all cases. What about striking women in

  • sex in Islam

    Secrets of Sex in Islam!

    what is the relationship between sex and religion? And what does Islam have to do with sex? Well, the next lines will answer you.

  • Jinn in Islam: Should I Be Afraid of the Jinn?

    Nothing in God creation overpowers The All-Mighty Creator and no one and nothing in His creation should be worthy of fear more than Him

  • Explaining the Pillars of Islam (Perfect Spiritual Journey)

    Five pillars of Islam provide a perfect plan for closeness to Creator. They are based on remembrance of Allah and connection with Him.

  • hijra

    Hijra Secrets: All You Need to Know About Hijra 

    Do you know what is “Hijra?” It means to leave a place to another one. When Muslims and Prophet Muhammad migrated from “Makkah” to

  • Ashura Between Islam And Judaism 

    On Ashura, 10th of Muharram, Muslims are thankful for God as He saved Prophet Moses and his followers from Pharaoh and his soldiers. Want to

  • Be Muslim, for Muhammad Gives Away As Someone Not fearing Poverty

    Be Muslim, for Muhammad Gives Away As Someone Not fearing Poverty

    Said by man who had an incident with Prophet Muhammad: If you give someone anything, he becomes grateful; however, Prophet Muhammad didn't want any

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