• It's Not about You, It's All about Your Heart

    It’s Not about You, It’s All about Your Heart

    Your heart is the source of your determination. So Islam has given the heart a special care.

  • racism in Islam

    The War on Racism in Islam

    Recent studies show that racism is the top motivation for hate crimes. How does Islam fight racism?

  • marriage in Islam

    Marriage in Islam

    Marriage is some sort of worship by which man perfects half of his religion. How and why?

  • what should I expect as a christian girl; my fiance is Muslim

    What Should I Expect as a Christian girl; My Fiancé is Muslim?

    Marriage in Islam organizes your Muslim husband’s lifestyle. Here, we will help you to understand how life can be with him under one roof.

  • prevention is better than cure

    Prevention Is Better than Cure

    AIDS is a disease that doesn’t have an actual treatment, only palliative to relieve symptoms. Prevention is better than cure.

  • law of attraction

    Law of Attraction

    Law of Attraction can be defined as “Like always attracts like”. Is that concept true?

  • 5 Tips for Happiness through Ramadan

    5 Tips for Happiness through Ramadan

    Ramadan makes changes in the Muslims’ life leading to happiness. Here are 5 tips for happiness through Ramadan to share with Muslims:

  • Discover the Beautiful Names of Allah — The Opener

    Discover the Beautiful Names of Allah — The Opener

    Allah calls Himself Al-Fattaah— The Opener, The Revealer. He is the One who opens all doors of blessing for His slaves.

  • A Prophet without Miracle

    A True Prophet Without Miracles!

    Is Prophet Muhammad a Prophet without miracles? Let's refute such a claim!

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