• Banner with the word 'stop' with red strips. The limits set by Allah.

    The Limits Set by Allah!

    “Those are the limits set by Allah”. This is mentioned in four verses of the Qur'an teaching us

  • A hand flipping a page of the Bible. Who wrote the Bible?

    Who Wrote The Bible?

    I've always thought Bible was a Holy book; came directly from God to people through prophets, delivered word-for-word.

  • A kid looking at his dad while praying, Being the closest to your Lord & His closeness to you.

    When You are The Closest to Your Lord and His Closeness to You

    We often follow the visuals, and ignore the big facts that beyond what our limited eyes see. One

  • A forest covered by fog. Why am I Atheist!

    Why Am I Atheist? Why Am I Here? Short Story

    I faced a lot of problems, went through great depression, & one question started not to leave me:

  • The high way of life.

    The Highway of Life

    That highway, its lanes, cars on it, and their speeds resemble to quite an extent this world’s life

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