• Day light sky & clouds, with "concept of angles" text.

    Concept of Angels in Islam

    In this article you will learn about the concept of Angels in Islam as a part of “The belief in the unseen”. Also, It's one

  • Covid-19 defeated: how & why

    Covid-19 (Defeated): How & Why? 

    I have a friend diagnosed with Covid-19. She gets better thanking God for curing her. Have you ever asked yourself why are you here in

  • The Qur’an Proves Muhammad isn’t its Author with a desert bg, & a camal

    The Qur’an Proves Muhammad isn’t its Author

    Here, we will focus more on Muhammad's relation with the Qur’an, presenting many reasons why Prophet Muhammad could not be the author of the

  • Forest tress with question marks, World questions and Islam answers

    The world questions adversities and Islam answers

    The world is questioning the adversities that have afflicted us and whether there is a rule controlling what’s happening, and Islam answers.

  • Older man hand covered by younger hands, your parents are your doorway to heaven

    4 Rights for Parents in Islam: The Door Way to Heaven

    Being good to your parents is one of the greatest deeds. The amount of stress on this matter is huge, yet many people don’t know

  • The Secrets of Women’s Pledge of Allegiance to Muhammad PBUH

    Women’s allegiance to Muhammad PBUH was one of two pillars that supported building the only “Utopian society” that actually existed.

  • Doors of Masjid, Coronavirus, when beauty of Islam shines.

    Coronavirus: When Beauty of Islam Shines…

    Coronavirus illustrates Islam beauties. Qur'an is real healing in life. Islam has a complete view in the spiritual, social, psychological and healthy life.

  • A lonely person sitting in open air, with text "The Quarantine Is Giving Me Depression, What Should I Do?".

    The Quarantine Is Giving Me Depression, What Should I Do?

    Depression is actually haunting everyone of us for different reasons. But nowadays the main reason for depression is quarantine. The Quarantine Is Giving Me Depression,

  • Shadow of a man praying at the sunset, with "All about Tahajjud, voluntary night prayer" text

    All about Tahajjud “Voluntary Night Prayers”

    Tahajjud is the term used in Islam for a sort of recommended / voluntary night prayers offered by a Muslim to please God 'Allah'.

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