• Forbidding Adultery in Islam, a hand with stop sign

    Forbidding Adultery in Islam

    Society consists of multiples of a small unit, which is the "Family". Consequentially, forbidding adultery in Islam is a method for...

  • There is no guaranteed salvation in Christianity!

    Did you know that there is no guaranteed salvation in Christianity?

    There is no guaranteed salvation in Christianity! Let's explore one simple consequence of the Christian creed and see where it leads.

  • Are Muslims anti-Semitic? Book's text highlighted.

    Are Muslims Anti-Semitic?

    Are Muslims anti-Semitic? Do Muslims hate the Jews? Is there a relationship between Islam and Judaism? What is the rank of Messenger Moses in

  • Why the grass is greener at the other side of the fence!

    Why is Grass Always Greener on the Other Side of the Fence?  

    Do you believe that what you have is the best for you? And that even what you don't is the best for you too? The

  • A boy in front of an open door, shinning sun, heaven is the eyes of Muslims

    See Heaven with the Eyes of a Muslim 

    Heaven from Islamic perspective is the ultimate reward for which Muslims do good deed, and leave wrongdoing. Muslims have one here and other in

  • Colorful bird,10 Most attractive things about Islam

    10 Most Attractive Things About Islam 

    There are many reasons attracting people to revert to Islam, and worship Allah increasingly. Fortunately, here are 10 of the most attractive ones!

  • Islamophobia

    Wide spread negative opinions of Islam and Muslims are known as "Islamophobia". Let's discuss together what is "Islamophobia"?

  • A man is sitting in the dark, trembling moments

    Trembling Moment

    Trembling moment! I finished the episode and instantly swiped the screen, clicked the icon of Google browser, and typed in the search box “Psalms

  • Why Women Cannot Marry Four Men? V2

    Why can Muslim men marry four women? Why can’t Muslim women marry four men? Interesting question aren’t it? Well, to answer this we’ll cover several

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