who is the real and true God. We will clarify the attributes of a true God and mention the most popular worshipped Gods in the world. The article will review the attributes of these Gods objectively as believed by their original followers. It will also answer the most commonly asked critical questions regarding this topic.

How to fast? What breaks the fast? What is allowed by Allah during fasting? When is it allowed to break the fast? And How to repent from breaking the fast without a valid reason? This is what we will explore today. 

Islam offers great opportunities for believers. One of those great opportunities is Laylatul Qadr (The Night of Glory).

In this article, Insha’ Allah, we will answer all questions pertaining Zakat al-Fitr in brief with evidences as possible.

Muslims believe that Islam has existed since the beginning of time and that it is the natural religion of mankind. In fact, all people are actually born Muslim. Discover how?

Hadith Collection And Authentication is a modern-time obsession. How can we be sure that anything is real? What can lead us to certainty and conviction?

What does engagement mean in Islam? Is it a party where the fiancé/fiancée exchanges ring?  Actually no, it is not. Indeed, there are some regulations for engagement in Islam that need to be observed: