In Islam, Friday (Jumu’ah) is the most important day of the week due to the status given to it by God and His last Messenger Muhammad (PBUH).

Preparing for the Places To Visit In Makkah And Madinah During Hajj And Umrah is the best way to get the full experience on your travel to Makkah and Madinah. Pack Your Bag For a Spiritual Journey!

The Kabba is the core of the pilgrimage to the holy site in Islam “Mecca” which is a core principle in the Faith. The Kaaba, meaning cube in Arabic, is a square building, elegantly draped in a silk and cotton veil.

How to fast? What breaks the fast? What is allowed by Allah during fasting? When is it allowed to break the fast? And How to repent from breaking the fast without a valid reason? This is what we will explore today. 

Ramadan is considered one of the holiest months of the year for Muslims. It is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar year calendar. In Ramadan, Muslims commemorate the revelation of the Qur’an and fast from food and drink during the sunlit hours as a means of drawing closer to God and cultivating self-control and gratitude. 

Islam offers great opportunities for believers. One of those great opportunities is Laylatul Qadr (The Night of Glory).

Keep reading for appropriate Ramadan greetings for the Muslim celebrants in your life. There are many Ramadan wishes you can Greet your friends, neighbors, family, …etc.