About Abeer Eltahan

Abeer El Tahhan is a pediatrician and a Quran and Arabic tutor. Abeer is deeply involved in Islamic studies and dawah activities. She is fluent in Arabic and English.

Рамадан считается одним из самых священных месяцев в году для мусульман. Ожидается, что Рамадан в 2024 году начнется 11 или 12 марта в зависимости от вашего региона. Рамадан - девятый месяц исламского лунного календаря. В Рамадан мусульмане отмечают ниспослание Корана и воздерживаются от еды и питья в солнечные часы, чтобы приблизиться к Богу и развить самоконтроль и благодарность.

ramazaan mein, musalamaan kuraan ke rahasyodghaatan ka jashn manaate hain aur bhagavaan ke kareeb aane aur aatm-niyantran aur krtagyata vikasit karane ke saadhan ke roop mein sooraj kee roshanee ke dauraan bhojan aur pey se upavaas karate hain. 

Le ramadan est considéré comme l'un des mois les plus sacrés de l'année pour les musulmans.

Islam embraces diversity while Muslims adhere to Islamic principles. We explore thanksgiving in Islam in this article.

WHAT JIHAD IS? The Arabic word “Jihad” comes from the word “Jahada” which means making an effort, struggling or striving. In Islamic Terminology it is explained as every activity and/or movement on the way of Allah (SWT). So, in reality it covers a spectrum of deeds and actions all dedicated for the sole purpose of […]

Allah When one says Allah, he is actually addressing God by his glorious name. In fact, all Arabian Jews, Christians as well as Muslims use ‘Allah” in referral to The All Mighty the One and only God.   Let there be no doubt that the three Abrahamic religions; Judaism, Christianity and Islam which are “monotheistic” […]

What is Youth? Youth is the prime time of one’s life. Youth is the time when a human is no more a child but an adult (time of puberty and maximum strength).   It is full of passion, power, drive, desire and energy. Islam takes extra special care of youths as they are the power of […]

What is Taqiyyah? Linguistically: it is to protect. Technically: it is presenting outwardly something that is different from what one believes inwardly. What does Taqiyyah mean in Islam? To the mainstream Islamists; Ahl as-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa‘ah (Sunnis): Taqiyyah – as an idea or concession is to be used only in extreme circumstances and on temporary basis […]

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