но популярное значение ислама это "последнее послание", ниспосланное Богом последнему пророку Мухаммада (PBUH).

Существуют ли разные версий Корана? Факт, который нужно запомнить: все эти кирааты подлинны и прослеживаются вплоть до Посланника Мухаммеда.

Vince Vocarelli was one of the most notorious Italian gang leaders in Australia. He was imprisoned for fifteen months; in isolation where he read the Quran, said it spoke to him, and found Allah and Islam in 2012.

#I_can’t_breathe. This is how most of us feel by now after months of isolation out of Coronavirus; being cooped up in quarantine at home. This quarantine; isolation; is taking its toll on all of us.  We all suffer from massive trauma due to helplessness, grief, loneliness, anxiety, fear and even depression.  After going through all […]

Women’s allegiance to Muhammad PBUH was one of two pillars that supported building the only “Utopian society” that actually existed.

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