People are  influenced by mass media  more than what they think. Media reach a large number of public, the major ones are newspapers, television and the Internet. News today has to do with what people want to hear, not particularly what is worthwhile or even accurate. Knowing the truth has become something boring nowaday. Media […]

Can We See the Creator God?! Have you ever tried to look directly at the sun? Have you ever tried to go up and reach the sky? Have you ever tried to travel from America to Africa on foot? EXACTLY!! It is irrational. So, my reader, why don’t you think at the same level regarding […]

WHAT JIHAD IS? The Arabic word “Jihad” comes from the word “Jahada” which means making an effort, struggling or striving. In Islamic Terminology it is explained as every activity and/or movement on the way of Allah (SWT). So, in reality it covers a spectrum of deeds and actions all dedicated for the sole purpose of […]

Nowadays,the world suffers from terrorist acts everywhere. Muslims all over the world are accused of being terrorists , because Islam calls for “Jihad”. But actually the  world’s concept about Islamic Jihad is totally wrong. Before making any judgement, you have first to ask yourself : What is the meaning of Jihad?  What are the kinds […]

Science is a way to life, but what did muslims add to that way?Muslim scholars added and positioned the foundations of modern science to a large extent. To know how is that, let’s go for short trip by the time machine to visit some of the Muslim scientists who made the greatest contributions to our […]

  The Christian scholar Ira G. Zepp, Jr. explained the term of Jihad that the essential meaning of Jihad is the spiritual, psychological, and physical effort we exert to be close to God and thus achieve a just and harmonious society. Jihad literally means striving or struggle and is shortened for Jihad (to fight). In […]

What is Taqiyyah? Linguistically: it is to protect. Technically: it is presenting outwardly something that is different from what one believes inwardly. What does Taqiyyah mean in Islam? To the mainstream Islamists; Ahl as-Sunnah wa’l-Jamaa‘ah (Sunnis): Taqiyyah – as an idea or concession is to be used only in extreme circumstances and on temporary basis […]