Kya Ap Ny Kbi Socha Ha Muslaman Hona Kaisa Ha?

Kya ap ny kbi is bary ma socha ha k shuru ma islam qabool kia ja skta ha ya nahi?

Agr aisay swal ap k zehn ma aty hai to ya tahreer ap he k lia ha!

In this article, we will highlight the story of Prophet Muhammad’s wife Hind bint Abi Umaya Al-Makhzumiya, known as Umm Salama and her story. Let’s have a look at one of the real love stories that islamic history provides us with.

Is the Gospel of Matthew a universal message that is capable of being sent to all mankind? Can we judge it as a mercy to the whole universe? If so, how could it be substituted, amended and changed if it is so called a Divine guidance!  What is the role of writing in preserving the […]

Becoming a Muslim is definitely the best thing that will ever happen to me, but should I start doing all worships once I become a Muslim?

Este artigo é dedicado a responder à pergunta: Qual religião surgiu primeiro no mundo? Para responder a essa pergunta, primeiro discutiremos diferentes religiões e crenças, como o paganismo, o cristianismo, o judaísmo e o hinduísmo.

Women traveling alone is debated. Some scholars ban it based on hadith, even for hajj. They think there is no exception.

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