Is the Gospel of Matthew a universal message that is capable of being sent to all mankind? Can we judge it as a mercy to the whole universe? If so, how could it be substituted, amended and changed if it is so called a Divine guidance!  What is the role of writing in preserving the […]

Throughout history,Religion has been abused and misunderstood.      Some people exploited it as a pretext for persecution. Others use it for domination over the masses.In the name of religion unjustifiable wars have been launched, Freedom has been suppressed and Science has been persecuted.Could this be the purpose of religion?Is that the right approach to religion?The […]

Religion is the only way for man to know his Lord in a complete and comprehensive way. 1- Religion lets man know what he should and shouldn’t do as God commands. It is also the only way through which man can know and identify his origin, his destiny, the aim of creating him and what […]

Have you ever felt that you are so happy and then, suddenly, got so depressed and isolated? Actually this happens in many occasions and on a daily basis. For example, each one of us can buy a new house and once you buy it, you feel glorious, as if you are on top of the world […]