“Because the gay behavior exists in animals, therefore it must be (natural)” with ‘Natural’ having a few different meanings in different contexts. This argument, referring to some animals’ behavior, is a famous and widespread argument that nearly everyone who accepts such a behavior is appealing to. Today we will take a closer look onto that […]

El Islam fue el mensaje de todos los Profetas, desde Adán hasta Noé, Ibraham, Moisés, Jesús y el último profeta y mensajero Muhammad. La paz y las bendiciones de Al-lah sean con todos los profetas.

Islam é a mensagem trazida por todos os profetas, incluindo Adão, Noé, Abraão, Moisés, Jesus, e, também, Mohammed, que, mais uma vez, foi o profeta e mensageiro final—que a paz e as bençãos de Allah estejam sobre todos eles!

Said by man who had an incident with Prophet Muhammad: If you give someone anything, he becomes grateful; however, Prophet Muhammad didn't want any return.