Мусульмане верят, что Ислам существовал всегда с самого начала всего времени, и что он – истинная религия всего человечества, к которой все люди в мире призваны с рождения. Согласно этому, все люди рождаются мусульманами.

There is no guaranteed salvation in Christianity! Let's explore one simple consequence of the Christian creed and see where it leads.

We often follow the visuals, and ignore the big facts that beyond what our limited eyes see. One of these is (Being the closest to our Lord & His closeness to us).

Cleansing and purifying one's self in Islam have a high importance to the degree that all Islamic texts and references books for "Shariah" (Islamic Rulings) always talk about it at the very first chapter.

Ismail is the son of Abraham, and the father of the Arabs. His stories hold many insights and inspirations and show in many parts the meaning of being a Muslim –One who submits to his Creator’s commands-. Ismail, the child:      As a child, an infant in fact, his father Abraham took him and [...]