About Omar AbdulMonem

Omar Zayed Abdelmoneim is a freelance writer and translator, with years of experience in the field. His speciality is writing Islamic and Dawah content, that was built from his years of conversational experience with different faiths and beliefs. His educational background in the Shariah comes from studying a year in Madinah with the scholars of Masjid An-nabawi, and continuous studying through different online programs over the years. Omar graduated from the faculty of science, with a BSc degree in Geoscience. Studying the field of science helped facilitate his mindset and gave him a unique perspective in seeing the world.

How to fast? What breaks the fast? What is allowed by Allah during fasting? When is it allowed to break the fast? And How to repent from breaking the fast without a valid reason? This is what we will explore today. 

Ramadan makes changes in the Muslims’ life leading to happiness. Here are 5 tips for happiness through Ramadan to share with Muslims:

Here are a few activities you can do with kids in Ramadan. These kids’ activities are also beneficial for you. And keep in mind that they are just examples; the main goals are what’s important. 

Is it possible to discriminate against homosexuality? Homosexuality is a subject matters discussed and judged by moral standards.