About Jehad Adel

Jehad Adel is a translator, content writer and a student of Islamic sciences. Jehad has been searching and reading in Islamic fields such as Quran interpretation and Islamic theology. Jehad has been learning and professionally practicing linguistics, content writing, and translation related fields, such as CAT tools and machine translation post editing (MTPE). Jehad is interested in content marketing and Islamic translation in specific. Also, she studied at faculty of languages and simultaneous translation, al-Azhar University.

Is Ramadan all about fasting or just rituals? No! Ramadan is the best chance for sincere change forever.

Vamos discutir o tema quente do Islam e do Natal. Como alguém preocupado em buscar a verdade das coisas, principalmente das mais estranhas, Papai Noel foi um rico assunto para eu satisfazer meu desejo. Continuei lendo, principalmente de fontes cristãs, sobre o Natal, sua origem e o Papai Noel, até que cheguei a esta conclusão: Papai Noel vem com o Islam este ano!

Let’s discuss the Islam And Christmas hot topic. I kept reading about Christmas, its origin, and Santa Claus, till I came to this conclusion: Santa is coming with Islam this year!

What does Al Wadud mean? Al Wadud means the one (Allah) who shows actions of love to His servants and believers. One of the Muslim scholars said: It is not strange for the servant to love The Master. What is amazing is when The Creator who has no need for the creations chooses to love […]