About Jehad Adel

Jehad Adel is a translator, content writer and a student of Islamic sciences. Jehad has been searching and reading in Islamic fields such as Quran interpretation and Islamic theology. Jehad has been learning and professionally practicing linguistics, content writing, and translation related fields, such as CAT tools and machine translation post editing (MTPE). Jehad is interested in content marketing and Islamic translation in specific. Also, she studied at faculty of languages and simultaneous translation, al-Azhar University.

Я продолжал читать, особенно из христианских источников, о Рождестве, его происхождении и Санта-Клаусе, пока не пришел к такому выводу: в этом году Санта придет с исламом!

Discover Ayesha Bridget Honey journey; a profound example of a reverted Muslim who recognized the brevity of this life and chose to invest in her eternal life through Islam. Her legacy continues to inspire many as an example of true success.

Parents in Islam hold a position of paramount importance, as the Quran places the duty of filial piety immediately after the worship of Allah. This profound placement underscores the essential role that parents play in the moral and spiritual development of individuals, by pairing the worship of Allah to kindness to parents.

Discutons du sujet polémique de l’Islam et de Noël. En tant que personne soucieuse de chercher la vérité sur les choses, surtout les plus étranges, le Père Noël était pour moi un sujet riche pour assouvir mon désir. J'ai continué à lire, en particulier de sources chrétiennes, sur Noël, son origine et le Père Noël, jusqu'à arriver à cette conclusion : Le Père Noël aurait un aspect islamique cette année!

Erforschen Sie die faszinierende Verbindung zwischen Islam und Weihnachten. Als Wahrheitssuchender erforschte ich den Ursprung von Weihnachten, besonders den Weihnachtsmann, aus christlichen Quellen. Mein Fazit: Dieses Jahr kommt der Weihnachtsmann mit dem Islam!

An-Naskh (abrogation) is a concept in Islam that refers to the replacement of one Quranic verse or ruling with another. It is often misunderstood and used to attack Islam, but it is actually an important and necessary part of the religion.

Ar-Rahman [The Entirely Merciful] Imagine that one day you met a person you know. He gave you an autobiography of a manager of a famous company to read. Once you began to read his traits and description, you got astonished! How wonderful that manager is! So you asked this person to accompany you to this […]

Aljawwad (The Most Generous) is one of  the names of The Creator mentioned in The Holy Quran and  the authentic prophetic sayings of prophet Muhammad. It means literally the one who gives a lot and among muslim scholars, it means to give  someone what he needs without waiting for any repayment or reward. Prophet Muhammad […]