• Shares of Inheritance, image of calculator & coins.

    Women’s Shares of Inheritance in Islam

    It would be "an understatement" to say, how wrongly women's shares of inheritance in Islam are viewed, and

  • Spring life changing quotes by Muhammad (PBUH)

    10 Life Changing Quotes by Muhammad (PBUH)

    Messenger Muhammad (PBUH)! Every authentic quote by him can help you change social, economic, marital and personal life!

  • an old paper, ink, and feather. Muhammed PBUH.

    40 Facts About Muhammad You’ve Never Known!

    Here are 40 facts about prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), that you've never known before.

  • Police officer and woman wearing niqab - national security

    National Security vs. Niqab

    "National Security" is the most absurd and yet the most dangerous reason to fight and negate Niqab. As,

  • cloud of words - chat with ex-atheist

    A Chat with an Ex-Atheist Led Her to Islam: From Disbelief to Belief at a Glance!

    Who is behind this universe? How did this universe come into existence? Who brought us here and why?

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