• Road with a welcoming panel on the road. How to be a Muslim.

    A Simple & Easy Guide to Be a Muslim

    Are you wondering “How to be a Muslim?”. Here's a simple and easy guide to be a

  • rainbow background with text: Do Muslims kill homosexuals?

    Do Muslims Kill Homosexuals?

    What's all the divine-origin religions (specifically Judaism, Christianity and Islam) perspective on Homosexuality and Sexual Perversion as a

  • Evil problem, Islam, Suffering kid, destructed building.

    Is Evil a Problem? 5 Reasons in Islam Saying It Isn’t!

    Why does evil exist in this world? Here are five reasons why Evil isn't a problem; form Islamic

  • A praying kid, God is The Pardoner.

    99 Names of Allah: The Pardoner ‘Al-Afuw’

    The Pardoner, one of God's beautiful names, means the one who erases the sins and its consequences if

  • Women wearing niqab, this is why I wear niqab.

    This is Why I’m Wearing Niqab

    I really hated how men stared at me, I was raging, like extremely raging because the main state

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