Covid-19 defeated: how & why

Covid-19 (Defeated): How & Why? 

I have a friend diagnosed with Covid-19. She gets better thanking God for curing her. Have you ever

I have this friend of mine who been diagnosed with Covid-19. she has been in the quarantine for 17 days now. One day she called me:

 And said:” I’m upset with myself.”

I replied: ” Why?”

She then said: “Today and yesterday I’ve been crying as if I’m not okay with my fate.”

I said: ” It is totally fine to cry out of pain and illness and that does not show any contradiction of your faith in Allah’s fate. You know quite well that you will accept anything written by Allah.”

She said “of course I will and actually I do accept it with wide open arms knowing that Allah knows the best and that I’m safe being a follower to His wise plan. And you know what, HE has been so kind to me during my illness, that you yourself had made me food and kept me in your prayers like others of my friends and relatives. Moreover, you all did so by His order, AlhamduleAllah.”

The good news that my friend is getting better now. She had such a hard time but she cannot stop thanking Allah for curing her without any need to the hospital. And did you notice how keen she was to please her Creator and to obey him even in her disease? 

Reflections on Covid-19: Who Are You?

Have you ever asked yourself why are you here in the first place? Or have you been able to find an answer? People are dying around us from this Coronavirus or for any other reason. Actually many of them left with this question unanswered:

Who are you? And what are you doing here in this world?

The whole catastrophes happening around us made this question nagging me all the time. And if such virus,- forests fires, volcano’s bursts, earthquakes…etc.- are not enough signs to think twice, then what do you expect to happen next so you can consider it as a sign!

Again who are you? And what are you doing here in this world?

If looking to the sky and analyzing your body organs is not giving you any signs of who you really are, then try thinking about you being baby born without any abilities to do anything on your own, even your memory will not help you here to remember anything through such a phase, it is like you were nothing. Or try to think about how to defeat your own death if you can.

Who You Really Are

You are one of God’s creatures that will never be able to survive without His care. You are the weak, the poor, the needy, the hungry, the lost,…etc. You are nothing without God’s care and mercy.

If you still believe that there is no Creator to this universe and you are the strong one by yourself, try keeping yourself awake for a week! You will never be able to do so, and if you did, you will suffer illness for the rest of your life. In deed, this is because Allah says in His Book:

And He is the subjugator over His servants. And He is the Wise, the Acquainted [with all].” [Qur’an 6-18] (1)

Super God, Needy Man

You are Allah’s creation who was ordered to worship, and to act as a slave, not as a God! And trust me, it is a relief to have someone with a superior power who can protect you against all the things in this life and in the Afterlife. Allah says in his book:

I did not create jinn and mankind except to worship Me.(56) I do not want from them any provision, nor do I want them to feed Me.(57) Indeed, it is Allah who is the [continual] Provider, the firm possessor of strength.(58)” [Qur’an 51- 56:58) (2)

Allah is not waiting for you to give him anything. Indeed, you got nothing to give it to Allah, even your prayers and worshipping it is for your own good, to get to Heaven and to avoid the Hellfire in the Afterlife, along with having a peaceful mind and life in this life.

Allah Knows the Best  

What does that have to do with my friend’s case?

My friend realized that the cure is in Allah’s hand. Even all the medications out there will not help if Allah did not permit that!. She realized that she is a slave to the Most Merciful, Kind, and compassionate king. So what does she have to worry about, while she knows that our Prophet Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah () said,

How wonderful is the case of a believer; there is good for him in everything and this applies only to a believer. If prosperity attends him, he expresses gratitude to Allah and that is good for him; and if adversity befalls him, he endures it patiently and that is better for him.” [Riyad-us-saliheen] (3)

I mean Imagine you are working at the place of the world’s king, would you be afraid of anything except dis-pleasing him? Allah is the universes’ King, the One, and the only One who deserves to be worshipped.


Time is running out; try to search for the truth now. Believe it is the time to start reading Allah’s book ” the Qur’an.” It is time to know that Allah is the One without a child to be worshipped on behalf of him or a holy spirit to be glorified as much as Him.

To end up I’m a proud, poor, hungry, thirsty, lost, and weak slave to Allah ( The King), and that what makes me strong. And that what makes me not afraid of such a virus! And that is called surrendering -where the word Islam is one of its roots in the Arabic language-. 

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