A man teared up between mind & soul. A message from a Muslim to an atheist.

A Message from a Muslim to an Atheist

Between the one who denies God and the one who submits to Him and live by His will,

     Hello Dear friend,

Hope this message finds you will. 

     Between the one who denies God and the one who submits to Him and live by His will, there are a lot to talk about.

     I thought to start from what we all know and recognize. The Fact that this life ends, my friend. “The heart beats of the man is telling him, life is but moments and seconds.” Every moment, every hour, every day and every year that goes by are only bringing death closer and closer to us. We can’t get back to what we have already done nor can we push the end away when it comes. We only have these moments. And what we do shall be recorded and pass into the past just like all the past passed.

     So we can’t just let life pass without knowing what it means, without knowing what we should do in it or where shall be our final destination, can we? We need to think now. our future is just a delayed present. We can’t “just ignore it,” because it is us who will live tomorrow. It may have already been too late.

     But when we think of these questions we can’t possibly find an answer for all by ourselves. it is simply beyond us.

     This life and it’s meaning, our purpose, what we should do in it, why it ends and where are we heading after it; are all questions. Only the One who gave us life can answer. You may speculate all you want. You may deny it all. But those existential questions will always remain my friend… And you will find no answer for them anywhere expect from the One who created you.  

Between Heart and Mind

     I know atheists just like Christians live in a struggle between heart and mind. To clarify, while there is constantly this voice inside you calling you to connect to your Lord, Christianity is too irrational to be the way to do so. That is why Christians live this struggle of heart and mind when they chose to go with the heart and throw their mind away.

     Just as the Atheists who couldn’t accept the irrationality and went with the mind, yet they always feel this void inside. However, they always have no answers for anything. Furthermore, they find their hearts constantly seeking connection to something more than this material world. Unfortunately, all they know is Christianity, and all they know is that it isn’t the right way. In addition, whatever you chose, you always find yourself in this struggle between heart and mind. You know that the mind tells the truth from false, but the heart seeking what is beyond and you are in between.

Core of Answer

     My Friend, You are only in this struggle because you haven’t found the true answer yet. If the heart is seeking more than the material world and can’t find peace in only matters, and the Mind seeks the truth and can’t accept the irrational falsehoods, then to end the struggle you simply need to find the right way. There is one consistent and most rational to provide answers for all the questions we (humans) seek answer to. And of course it will be the most fulfilling one to your heart and soul when you accept it, because it will present the connection that your heart always yearned for.

     Christianity doesn’t really fulfill the heart nor Atheism fulfill rationality, my friend. To clarify, you may feel some emotions or feel a bit rational when you don’t accept irrationality, but in the end worshiping men or accepting void as an answer will never fulfill the heart or the mind.

Islam has the Answer

     As a Muslim, I am sending you this message to share that cure for heart and mind with you. You may think this is a cliché. Also, you may think everyone says this. But the difference is that I am simply inviting you to know and search before you judge and decide. the reason is that I know that what I am saying is truth, and I have already checked it out and I am constantly doing so. Indeed, there is nothing like Islam that provides evidence fulfilling for the mind to know that it is the actual truth. Nothing is like Islam to be consistent and have a worldview that is so simple and yet includes all aspects of life. Nothing is like Islam in providing answers that makes sense for all our questions.

     And I am inviting you to check all this out for yourself. Explore Islam my friend. Discover it from its authentic sources, away from the hatred and lies being spread about it to keep you away.

     Learn for yourself, and then judge for yourself. And you don’t have to believe me when I tell you that. if you are seeking the truth and searching Islam objectively, you will find the fulfilling answer and the calm of peace in your heart. You will know it for yourself when you do so.

And I conclude this message with the greeting of Islam, Peace be upon he who seeks the truth.

 Best regards.

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