Why #‎Batman VS Superman?  ✘ Henry Cavill ➺Superman is a HERO, and doesn’t use his power against mankind but Lex Luther made people believe that Superman is a terrorist.  ✘ Ben Affleck ➺Batman turned against #‎Superman when he thought he’s a terrorist.  ✘ Lex Luther is the real terrorist or the Devil “The Evil Code”.  ✘ The phenomenon of politics of fear […]

The FIRST Islamic bank in Russia! -According to Tatarstan Finance Minister Artem Zdunov, the lack of foreign borrowing has made Russia look for other sources of financing, including Muslim countries. He added that the Islamic finance industry is one of the fastest growing in the world with 15-20 percent annual growth in assets. Read more: […]

A Turkish couple spent their wedding day feeding 4,000 Syrian refugee !!! “Seeing the happiness in the eyes of the Syrian refugee children is just priceless. We started our journey to happiness with making others happy and that’s a great feeling.” said Groom Fethullah Üzümcüoğlu .. May God bless these kind hearted couples!! And Yes […]

The true meaning of friendship! -Adli, 24, and Mansour, 26, share a special affinity: they both lost a leg during the Israeli attacks on Gaza in 2011. -“We share everything and split expenses – after all, we are one soul, with two bodies,” he says as he points down to different parts of Gaza, observing […]

Now Available: An application a blind man can see through! ^^ “Years ago it was science fiction, I never thought it could be something that you could actually do!” Saqib Shaikh is a software developer from London, England who is currently working for Microsoft, and he has been personally involved in the development of the […]

-Dr. Koubeissi is board-certified in Neurology, Clinical Neurophysiology, and Epilepsy. -He is an Associate Professor of Neurology and the Director of the Epilepsy Center at The George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences. – Dr. Koubeissi has started new lines of research projects in epilepsy and published his findings in major medical journals. […]

Unfortunately, Innocent people are being oppressed and killed in every part of this world !! Yet Media, human rights and world leaders show sympathy and condemn some crimes yet neglecting a lot !! It is like some souls are precious while others are worthless!! The question is: Shouldn’t all crimes against any innocent soul be […]

Italian court rules food theft ‘not a crime’ if hungry! This rule reminds me of a story in the Islamic history in the time of Caliph Umar Ibn Al-Khattab a thief, who was caught during a period of famine in the land, was let off on the premise that he had probably committed the theft […]