Why Have Doomed Grievous Criminals Reverted To Islam?

One of the most wondrous things I have met while surfing the World Wide Web was the abundant

One of the most wondrous things I have met while surfing the World Wide Web was the abundant videos for criminals who have embraced Islam. Despite being a Muslim, I was astonished of the huge number of reverts, after having committed all sorts of crimes and living long gangsters’ lives.

Being so curious, I decided to watch all the videos I have run into just to discover the secret behind their total dramatic transformation.

For me as a born-to-Muslim-parents Muslim, I have always known that Islam is the right religion that complements and abrogates all previous scripture-based religions, but how have they reached that truth on their own?!

I have recognized the answer after watching these videos and surprisingly found out that they all have the same reason.

This is what has really happened with those fellows: in a moment of truth, they have asked for guidance, so God has led them to the right path, the path wherein they have found inner peace, self-reconciliation, and a purpose to their lives.  

First: Vince Focarelli

He was a Mafia gangster who has been subject to six assassination attempts, in the last one his stepson has been killed and he was badly injured. After he was jailed, he started to read the Qur’an and found the real essence of life. Now he is a truly different person, a good person who helps the needy calls to God and strives to be a pious human being.


زعيم مافيا إيطالي خطير يصبح داعية للإسلام - Focarelli becomes a Muslim

Second: Michael Storms

A burglar who committed many burglaries and assault crimes. He was originally raised among a family who were all gangsters, he was up brought having his parents away and lead a rough street life. He felt tired of being bad and started asking questions about God and the purpose of this life. He cried a lot and appealed to God to show him the true path and give a proof of His Existence and he finally reached his goal.


Ex Gangster Accepts ISLAM - Revert Story

Third: Ishaq Mustaquim

He spent his life seeking for money, and he earned by all illegal means. He had latest models of cars, lived in the most luxurious hotel suites, and had elegant fancy houses, but still, he was very unhappy. He started to question the essence of his life. At the point he had it all, he knew about Islam and found out that it was the true religion, it was complementary to what he has read in the bible.


Millionaire Gives It All Up For Islam - Ishaq Mustaqim - My Path To Islam

Fourth: Eddie Redzovic

He was indulged in the life of mobsters, nightclubs, girls and drugs in search of money and fancy life, and as he was about to reach all that, he felt frustrated and depressed. Even when he went to talk to other celebrities to know how they get to enjoy life, he found that they were even more depressed. At that point, he began to conduct his search for answers. He searched in all religions for the purpose of life, and he found the answer in Islam.


From a MAFIA lifestyle to ISLAM

All the previous models have lived their lives with drugs, crimes, dirty money, and did whatever they wanted, but they discovered that this was never to be the purpose of their lives. They were sure that there has to be a more important and precious goal for existing in this world. They felt disappointed, frustrated; they wanted to know the truth, so they started to read, search and learn.

Most of them have started their journey for truth while being imprisoned. During the hardest moments of one’s life, a person usually holds himself into account, see how he has been unfair to himself and to his beloved ones, and re-judges his life. At this very point, comes the truth for those who really want to find it. If you are sincere and honest in seeking for guidance, for sure God will show you the way.