Grave and door to the light, is there life after delivery?

Is There Life After Delivery?

Is there a life after delivery? Search objectively and choose wisely my friend because you will be responsible for

Short Story : )

     Imagine two twins in their mother’s womb having a conversation. One said: “This state of life is all there is to existence, and soon it will end and we will be nothing.”
The other said: “What?! Of course there is! This phase is just a preparation for what is coming next.”

The first said: “You may say that but the truth is that there is no life after delivery, bro.”
And then he said: “No one has ever come back to tell us what is on the other side. We know nothing about it, so it must be nothing. What makes you think that there will be anything after delivery?”

The other said: “Bro, you can’t just say because I know nothing about it then it must be nothing! If you don’t know then you don’t know, but if you reflect on our state here and its meaning you will understand that this won’t be the end. Because of the nature of this phase we are in, the simple conclusion is that there will be something after we are delivered”.


     Some deep babies, right? The point is that some things are so obvious, but sometimes we are left trapped in one perspective, a tunnel vision that causes confusion. This closed trap also happens in the long argument that happens about life and death, and of course what’s after death. But if we look at it from above, it becomes so obvious like “life after delivery”. 

The Real Question

     Some fear death and don’t like to think about it. And when they do, they try their best to say that it will be nothing just to stop thinking about it. Those are just like the first baby. But there are others who are honest and still wonder about it. They can’t stop thinking about life, death and their meaning. It can’t be the end, but what will be after it? And they are left with those questions without answers.

     A third party contains all kinds of people who try to give answers to this, but it all just seems to be missing the essential thing. Missing the consistency with life itself and missing the actual proof. They are just things that they say will happen because they can’t leave the question unanswered. But no matter how people try to fill that gap by answers that they come up with, it always feels lacking. Meanwhile, honest people know that such a question that relates to our own lives’ meaning and destination can’t be handled in this manner.

Are all answers right?

However, since such a question exists, an answer must also exist for it; a truthful, consistent and fulfilling answer. And that is when the “fourth party” comes in. Of course not just because there are a lot of people who claim to have “answers” it means that all answers are wrong! The truth is one, and it is easily recognized. The existence of many wrong answers doesn’t diminish by one bit the value of the truthful one. In fact, it adds to it even more. Because it will require more effort from us to look for it, and then when we do find it, we will actually recognize and know how important it is.
The fourth party are those who knew that from the nature of the question itself we can’t start looking for answers from humans, but beyond. 

The True Answer

     What is the meaning of this life? Why are we here? What are we supposed to do? And of course, what will happen when it ends?
Such questions can only be answered by the One who gave us this life, the One who brought us here. Many might claim to speak on His behalf, but only the truthful one will be consistent. Only the truthful will have fulfilling answers and proofs that make sense and explain it all.
The true seeker can easily recognize the truth.  If there is a needle in a haystack, if you have a magnet it is so easy to get it. Our Creator gave us minds and intellect to recognize the truth, so we simply need to use them. And the truth sent from Him wouldn’t go against that common sense that He gifted us.

     This life is meaningful, yet it has to end. It wasn’t meant to last, and the One who created us surely didn’t create us without a purpose and surely wouldn’t leave us without telling us what it is and where we’re heading to. Any truth seeker who read about Islam and read the Qur’an can see how unique it is from everything else. It has answers that are consistent with life itself and explaining everything in it. And more importantly, it gives you evidence. It brings it forth and tells you to check and see it for yourself.


    This life is a test. We are here being tested, and that is why we were given choice. We choose, and we are responsible for our choices. Those choices cover what we believe and what we do, and that is where the test is. There are temptations in this life, but will you do the right thing and believe the truth or will you not? There is suffering in this life, but what will you do? And in the end, life ends and only our deeds’ consequences remain. And the One, who created us once, will bring us back again to be held accountable for them.

So search objectively, and choose wisely my friend, because you will be responsible for it. And always ask your Creator’s aid to do the right thing.

“Blessed is He in whose hand is dominion, and He is over all things competent (1) [He] who created death and life to test you [as to] which of you is best in deed – and He is the Exalted in Might, the Forgiving –(2)”  [Qur’an 67-1:2](1)



(1) Verses (67 – 1:2) of Qur’an (English interpretation of meaning).