A galaxy, Is there more than one God?

Is There More Than One God?

Once my grandparent was telling me a story about a three headed monster and I asked him “How


My grandfather loved telling me stories and I loved listening to him telling them.  I was his first granddaughter and he really spoiled me.  Once he was telling me a story about a three headed monster and I asked him “How could it decide which way to go?”  He looked at me for a while and then smiled and started explaining about imagination and fantasy.

Since then he started picking his stories differently.


Monotheists preach that there is only one God in all existence. Many others, on the other hand claim that there is more than one God “Polytheists”. The Old Testament, The Bible and the Qur’an proclaim plainly and clearly that there is one and only one God.    When those Holy Books say that God is one, the word one does not refer to a “God Family” but rather very clearly to one God.

    Recent statistical studies conducted by prominent statistical centers affirm that about one half of the world’s population is Monotheistic in one way or another and about two billion of those are Muslims.

Pie chart showing percentages of each believe.

Which one is worthy of worship?

While Monotheists believe in one God and attribute all will, power and knowledge to him, people with many gods divide their world up into a variety of domains and assign one god or gods to each of them: a god of the sea, a god of the sun and so forth. In their efforts to cover their bases, they usually end up with conflicting gods. A god of war and a god of peace, a god of virginity and a god of fertility, a god of creation and a god of destruction. Things that might please the god of war would indeed upset the god of peace. Rights of fertility would most certainly be directly opposed to rights of virginity. In short, pretty much anything a person can do might please one god and anger another. This may seem a recipe for chaos, but we must remember that life, and indeed the world itself, is chaotic. When nature itself seems unpredictable, a variety of gods allows for flexibility. Or don’t they?! Since no one action is inherently good or bad, one is free to do what one must to get through life. If everything you do or don’t do will anger a deity, it doesn’t so much matter what you do or how much you do it to how many.  Or does it?!

How dare he “a creature” to assign a power to a god or limit another god’s dominance over his creations?     

Isn’t it better and easier to have one God to believe in, worship, obey and answer to? Isn’t it logical with all the synchrony and order around us to believe that all share the same creator? The will, power and Knowledge needed to accomplish this magnificent wonder “All creation” is indeed the most superior of all “The one and only God”.

    So to conclude,

Here are some reasons why having multiple gods does not make sense:

  1. The world has the one and same building element (Carbon)
  2. All living creatures share the same building unit (Cell formation)
  3. Everything from electrons in an atom to the galaxies of the universe revolves anti-clockwise.
  4. Every creation, living or non-living starts weak and small, grows bigger and stronger then becomes older and weaker.
  5. All, start and end, live and die.
  6. Water is in every living thing.
  7. The miraculous synchronisation and order of all what is in us, on earth or in the universe.

All of the above and much more speak of one, and only one creator; otherwise we would see the likes of Hercules as a result of competing and conflicting gods each striving for prevalence of his creations.

Funny idea, isn’t it?!


Oneness – Chapter 1.