Are Animals Gay? – Full Guide to Homosexuality in Animals

It is irrelevant whether animals are gay or not. Asking “are animals gay?” makes people jump to conclusions

The argument for homosexuality in animal behavior is a famous and widespread argument. It is usually something like this:
“As homosexual behavior occurs in animals, therefore it must be (natural).” Is this reasoning scientifically grounded, or is it nonsensical pseudoscience?

Today we will re-examine this argument from different perspectives, and see if it holds up or breaks down under rational scrutiny. 

Chapter 1: Can animals be gay?

It is irrelevant whether animals are gay or not. Asking “are animals gay?” makes people jump to conclusions and forget to check, if this piece of information is even relevant, to begin with.

Why is an animal being gay irrelevant?

The argument has two premises: 

  1. If a behavior is done by animals, then it’s natural.
  2. Homosexual behavior exists in animals
  3. Therefore they conclude, “homosexuality is natural”. 

To prove the conclusion, all efforts are exhausted to prove only the second premise, but the argument has two premises, not just one.
The first premise that’s often forgotten is more critical than the second one. 

The first premise holds the key to breaking down this argument and seeing how fallacious, irrational, and fragile it is. thus, it turns the second premise irrelevant.

Does homosexuality occur in nature?

No – Nature is often used in this context to mean: 

  1. A biological trait or born that way
  2. Can’t be an illness 
  3. Is morally okay to do. 

Regardless of the meaning, there is no evidence that gay behavior is natural. 

Homosexual occurrence in different animal species is irrelevant to nature since the occurrence of a behavior in animals doesn’t make it natural. 

Regardless of how many animal species or populations may be gay, it doesn’t make it natural by any meaning of the word. 

Are all behaviors natural?

No! The existence of a behavior doesn’t mean it’s natural. In other words, the behavior of people or animals doesn’t mean they are born that way. 

The existence of something doesn’t mean it is ought to be. This is a logical fallacy named (Is – Ought fallacy). 

There are countless behaviors shared between people and animals alike, and they don’t arise from biological necessity. Actually, the majority of behaviors are a result of external effecting factors more than internal biological factors. 

What are the types of animal behavior?

Animal behavior is categorized into four groups: 

  1. Instinctive
  2. Imprinting
  3. Conditioning
  4. Imitation

Human behavior has an additional category which is: 5- (Willful behavior).

Only instinctive behavior can be said to be born with the species. In contrast, the other three types and the willful behavior in humans, are all learned behaviors. 

Does homosexuality in animal behavior have to be by birth?

No! The existence of a behavior doesn’t mean it has to be natural or by birth! 

The existence of homosexuality in human behavior doesn’t mean they are born that way! Similarly, the existence of homosexuality in animal behavior  doesn’t mean they are born that way.

Again, “Just because something is doesn’t mean it is ought to be”

Obviously,the existence of homosexuality in animal behavior, can never mean humans are born that way! This is another logical fallacy, a false analogy.

In short, existence of gay behavior in animals doesn’t mean humans are ought to be so!

Gay Animals Facts

Here are some facts related to gay animals:

  1. The studies on them rarely discuss in depth the type of behavior, and nearly always focus on mere existence. 
  2. Homosexual animal behavior can be more imprinting, conditioning, or imitation than instinctive.
  3. Instinctive animal behavior doesn’t mean it’s instinctive in humans even if they do it.
    (Examples for these animal behaviors are: Birds Flying, spider spinning web, birds building a nest, fish swimming, etc)
  4.  Science still has a long way to go when it comes to studying many complex phenomena. Gay animal behavior is certainly one of those.
  5. From a survival standpoint, explaining homosexual behavior in animals and humans is very problematic, so it can’t be natural.

Could We Justify Natural Illness in Animals?

The second meaning of (natural) in the argument of homosexual animals is that it is (not an illness). 

Which makes the argument look like this:
1- What exists in animals can’t be an illness.
2- Gay behavior exists in animals.
Therefore, gay behavior can’t be an illness.

You probably already see the big problem in that faulty first premise that’s often neglected. But what is the relationship between homosexuality and illness? And why is this argument used in that manner? 

Let us look first at the history of it, see how this argument provoked, and then explore the relationship between homosexuality and sickness in depth. 

Chapter 2:  The story of homosexuality and mental illness

“Gay behavior is a mental illness”.
That was a scientific fact unanimously accepted until about 50 years ago. 

That’s when the argument from animals first appeared and it was the spearhead in this, and it played a major role in the rise of the LGBT. 

From back then and until nowadays, the argument is only ever used by proving only its second premise, while the first premise is kept hidden, vague, and neglected! 

The LGBT movement started by challenging the correlation between homosexuality and mental illness. When it was announced as a major scientific breakthrough (there are gay animals), they strongly supported it. A lot of protests and court cases were raised demanding the removal of homosexuality from the mental illness category.

At the end, by court order, protests, and a lot of marketing propaganda, the famous event resulted in removing homosexuality from the list of APA (American Psychological Association) mental disorders.

Contrary to popular belief, the change in scientific perception regarding homosexual behavior wasn’t settled in scientific labs, but instead in American courts, where American judge tells the scientists what to say and what not to say. 

And then based on the new “scientific discovery”, many beliefs, laws, and perceptions are demanded to be changed!

History is important to understand the contemporary.  And just because those who came before us made a mistake doesn’t mean we should blindly follow their footsteps.

Do Animals get sick?

Yes! The definition of illness as “that which doesn’t exist in animals”, is flat-out wrong. Thus, it makes the entire argument fall apart.  

If there is no relation between something being an illness, and its occurrence in animals then there is simply no meaning to say: “there are gay animals”!

What if we take LGBT propaganda seriously? 

What exists in animals can’t be an illness!! Seriously?! So because we found “Cancer” in animals it isn’t an illness anymore and any research to cure it should be outlawed? 

Cancer exists in animals, so it’s a natural thing. Being different from you doesn’t mean animals aren’t normal. So don’t say it’s an illness. Don’t search for a cure or try to change their identity!

Does that make sense?!

Do gay animals in the wild mean gay isn’t an illness?

No.  Just because animals do something doesn’t mean it isn’t an illness. 

The simplest way to check if an argument has common sense is by applying it to similar cases:
If it makes sense, then it’s valid.
If it didn’t make sense for all other cases, then the argument is refuted and also makes no sense in the original case.

Do Suicidal animals in the wild mean suicide is natural?

No! Obviously not. It is a very detrimental behavior and serious illness, even though it also occurs in animals just like homosexual behavior and many other mental illnesses. 

Ask yourself: Does the following make sense?

Suicidal behavior occurs in animals. This is undeniable evidence that it can’t be “an illness”. Rather, they are born that way. Then, society has to let them be as they are! Suiciders aren’t hurting you or anyone else, are they?

Also, if one says, we are demanding the outlawing and persecution of any attempts to “cure” those with suicidal thoughts!” 

Do these conclusions make any sense? No! They don’t!

Is drug addiction natural because it occurs in animals?

No. Obviously not. It is a very detrimental behavior and serious illness, even though it also occurs in animals just like homosexual behavior and many other mental illnesses.

Ask yourself: Does the following make sense?

(Drug addiction occurs in a plethora of animal species. What occurs in (nature) can’t be an illness. Therefore, addiction can’t be an illness.

Addicts then go on yearly protests demanding the outlawing of discriminative behavior against them. With the following slogans:

(We are born that way, and we can’t help it!)

(Addiction is not an illness, it’s only a difference)
(Drug addicts are people too.)
(Animals do it too)
(Love wins)
(Love is Love)

Does any of this changing reality? No, it doesn’t!

Do these conclusions make any sense? 

No! They don’t!

Cancer, suicide, drug addiction, violence, depression, and so on. –You get the point. Physical and mental illness is found in animals and that never means it isn’t an illness! 

The arguments are quickly seen as fallacious, erroneous, and flat-out wrong when put into perspective, and it is exactly the same for homosexual behavior in animals.

Is there a correlation between homosexual behavior and mental and physical illness? 

Yes. There is a very clear and linear correlation between homosexuality and plenty of illnesses–physical and mental. 

This is a brute numerical fact that LGBT believers themselves acknowledge because they can’t edit or hide the numbers. 

For physical illnesses, they just ignore it and act as if they don’t see! And for mental illness, they try to actually explain it away by social pressure, because of the history between homosexuality and mental illness.

Can the correlation between homosexuality and  mental illness be explained by social pressure?

No. Trying to explain this with social pressure is baseless because of three reasons. 

Firstly, since there is no evidence ever provided to say that the correlation isn’t caused by homosexuality itself. ( The fact of correlation itself was always just denied. But now it’s clearly apparent.)

Secondly, in the modern days, the social pressure on homosexuals has been nearly nonexistent compared to when it was seen as a crime in the west and compared to others facing social pressure, yet the problem continues! 

Thirdly, a much heavier social pressure is placed on other people yet it never causes these extreme mental issues. 

The simplest example is the Muslim community. Muslims around the world amount for nearly a quarter of humanity, but their living condition are poor and social pressure on them is way worse than the LGBT. –Being branded terrorists and facing extreme degrees of prejudice and torture. Yet, mental illness and suicide are lower among Muslims than all others! 

Actually, suicide, the alien behavior to Muslims, has begun to increase with the rising tides of LGBT and its increased influence –Further confirming the correlation.

  • Social pressure doesn’t cause such extreme mental illness rates as what’s existing in gays. 
  • Even with the absence of social pressure gay people still show abnormal rates of mental illness. 
  • The correlation between homosexual behavior and mental illness that is being denied is also acknowledged and undeniably evident. 
  • Social pressure doesn’t explain abnormal rates of physical illness, which is being fully ignored!
  • No real evidence is ever given as to why homosexuality is not considered the cause of the correlation. 

The Ugly Bias of LGBT Propaganda

The worst part is always the LGBT bias. Bias is blatantly used to enforce the use of the facts only in coherence with LGBT propaganda! 

I am always astonished at how LGBT research clearly asks the person to use data only in a specific way and not consider anything else! 

“You can only see what I want you to see”

This forced bias is the ugliest part about the LGBT.

Is suicide a natural reaction to social pressure?

No, it isn’t!  Killing yourself is never a natural reaction to social pressure. It is not normal, and this attitude itself is not normal.

LGBT narrative acts as if it’s a normal reaction to kill yourself!

Their narrative is: (gays are completely normal, and there is nothing wrong with homosexual behavior) it is everyone else who is responsible for the homosexual’s abnormal rate of mental problems, and ultimately suicide!

They are blaming others for their actions when it is they who are doing it!
They say (You are hurting them), but in reality (They are hurting themselves)!

That’s not normal! 

No one killed them! They kill themselves! 

That’s not normal! 

They define bullying and homophobia as simple disagreement!  Saying gay is not okay is bullying! And the natural reaction to it is to kill themselves and blame the “bully”?! They suppress any discussion or disagreement by labeling it as murder!

That’s not normal!

Is there any normal person who reacts to someone telling him he’s wrong by killing himself? 

That’s not normal! 

Ultimately, it is they who kill themselves, and somehow the LGBT wants us to completely ignore that?! 

That’s not normal!

This narrative actually promotes to LGBT youngsters that the way to help their cause is to kill themselves and blame others! 

That’s not normal! 

They are saying “We can be biased, forbid questions or discussions and do whatever we want, or we will kill ourselves and blame you!” 

That’s not normal!

It is clear that there are serious issues; mental and physical issues plaguing those who do homosexual behavior. It is not normal, which only confirms that homosexuality itself isn’t normal. 

Chapter 3: Moral degradation in following animals

“Homosexual behavior is okay because animals do it”
That’s the last version of the argument; i.e. taking animal behavior as a moral reference, and using it as a guide to what’s okay. 

This is the ultimate conclusion of this argument. And seeing it untangled from the other mixed-up meanings, you can pretty easily spot the fallacious reasoning which is very similar to previous versions.

Is it okay to live like animals?

No, it is not! Since when did anything animals do become “Okay”? 

Nothing becomes okay just because animals do it! Man, nothing becomes okay even if humans do it! You know what? nothing becomes okay because humans say it’s okay!  

If animals are jumping off a cliff doesn’t mean it’s okay to jump off a cliff! If someone enters a room on fire, doesn’t mean it’s okay to enter a place on fire! If someone says killing yourself is okay, that doesn’t make it okay!

Does homosexuality in animals make it okay?

No. It’s common sense that nothing becomes ok just because it is an animal behavior. 

This is true for homosexual behavior in animals or any other behavior. 

Homosexuality in wolves, sheep, fishes, penguins or any other species doesn’t matter. When it isn’t okay to live like animals, Gay animals are irrelevant.

Is it moral degradation to live like animals? 

Yes! The fact is, living like animals is degradation rather than justification.

Living like animals is a degradation of humans and society as a whole.

Since when did animals become role models to look up to?! Since when did morality become living like animals?! Since when did living like animals become such a good thing for the LGBT to be so proud of?!

I can’t believe that we reached a time when we have to tell people that living like animals isn’t something to look up to!

Why did the argument from animals gain popularity?

The main reason this fallacious and hollow argument gained popularity is because of propaganda. 

The propaganda capitalized on two main factors to market this argument:

  1. The first is how vague and confusing the argument itself is: 
  • mixing up the different meanings, 
  • confusing the moral perspective with the scientific and medical perspectives,
  •  and making the argument centered totally around its second premise, while deliberately ignoring the first faulty premise.

2) The second factor relates especially to morality and its standing in the west.

Objective morality represents a dilemma in the secular west, away from God. The subjective morality and lack of any firm moral principle in the west make it susceptible to change by default, all it needs is a simple push! In this case, people gathering and demand change! 

On contrary, Muslims have solid objective moral principles, established on the True word of God (The Quran), the teachings of his messengers, and the consensus of Muslims for centuries.  Muslims don’t make up the values, so they can’t erase them either like the west has been doing.

And maybe the west didn’t notice the blatant rational holes in the arguments of the LGBT, but that’s why it’s critically important to revise, reexamine, and fight for the right to do so! 

The Way of Animals or the Way of God?

Previously, people used to say we follow our forefathers, and that’s the way of God. As God says in the Quran:

وَإِذَا فَعَلُوا۟ فَـٰحِشَةًۭ قَالُوا۟ وَجَدْنَا عَلَيْهَآ ءَابَآءَنَا وَٱللَّهُ أَمَرَنَا بِهَا ۗ قُلْ إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ لَا يَأْمُرُ بِٱلْفَحْشَآءِ ۖ أَتَقُولُونَ عَلَى ٱللَّهِ مَا لَا تَعْلَمُونَ ٢٨

And when they commit an obscenity, they say, “We found our fathers doing this, and Allah has commanded us to do it.” Say, “Allah does not command obscenities. Do you say about Allah what you don’t know?”
[Quran, 7: 28]

Today, people have been degraded to say we follow animals and that’s the way of God! 

God is Greater! God doesn’t permit obscenities! 

Muslims choose God; this is the way Muslims follow. The LGBT believers choose the way of animals; they worship them and ask people to worship them!

What do you choose?

Note: Learn More about Homosexuality in Islam.

Conclusion- This is about YOU not about THEM

To conclude, the most detrimental effect of the LGBT is how they are asking people to change their beliefs and convictions and replace them with LGBT, without a choice. 

The LGBT say they are “Fighting” and their battle is about YOU, not them. 

They aren’t fighting to do whatever they want; they are already doing whatever they want! They already have their way and following it, with all the suffering it’s bringing them! 

Their fight isn’t about what’s happening behind closed doors! Their fight is about how YOU can’t tell them that they are wrong! YOU can NOT think that they are wrong!

They fight for dictating expressions and labels. They fight to strip away your choice of words, beliefs, and values. 

You can’t disagree with them! You have no choice but to believe the LGBT narrative and propaganda!

They are fighting hard, but are you fighting back? –To at least have the chance to think for yourself!

Separate your own thoughts from the LGBT narrative and fight for your right to think and express them. Rather, you will wake up one day to find yourself forced to live like an animal with a gagged mouth, tied hands, and a leash!


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