No one can deny how important cleanliness is whether it’s personal, dietary, environmental or even spiritual (concerning beliefs, thoughts and feelings), but “Muslim cleanliness” is truly squeaky-clean as it incorporates both physical and spiritual aspects with very strict and clear commandments and recommendations.   When does a Muslim become impure? The Messenger […]

       Once upon a time there was a Moroccan student who was very naughty.  He caused many loses to his school, and has many troubles with his fellows.  The director warned him if he continued doing this, he would expel him from the school for a month. He didn’t stop, and finally the […]

Shortly after burial of the deceased, financial obligations must be fulfilled. Starting with funeral expenses, payment of debts, then execution of his/ her bequest, and finally comes the time for distributing inheritance according to Islamic Sharia amongst heirs.  This was given in a clear and precise detailed way and in the most just and merciful […]

Islam is a way of life not only a religion. There is no aspect of life that is left out, there is always a perfect Islamic way to handle it.  Death is of no exception as it is the gateway to  “Afterlife”, the real one where we started and where we will end up. To […]

Abrogation is one of the main issues used to attack Islam, attribute contradiction to Quran and give doubts about Quran’s authenticity. Al-Nasekh and Al-Mansoukh are two Arabic words having the same root word meaning: to abolish, lift, replace, remove, withdraw or abrogate. The first word means “The abrogate” and the second is “The abrogated”. It […]