99 Names of God – Part 1

Allah has ninety-nine names, i.e. one-hundred minus one, and whoever knows them will go to Paradise." Whoever researches the

Allah’s Messenger (peace and blessing upon him) said,

Allah has ninety-nine names, i.e. one-hundred minus one, and whoever knows them will go to Paradise.” (Hadith) (1)


Whoever researches the Quran and the authentic Sunnah will enumerate them, as follows:


Meaning of the name Name 
The one whom all acts of worship belong to, and He is the only one who deserves to be worshipped by all of His creation. They submit, surrender, bow, and prostrate to Him, and all forms of worship are due to Him. (Allah) 
The All-Comprehensive in Mercy, Beneficient, Benevolent: A name that indicates the great expansion of His Mercy which is comprehensive for all of his creation. It is a name that is specific for Him and it is forbidden for anyone else to be.(Ar-Rahman) 
The Most Merciful: The one who is merciful and forgives the believers in this life and the hereafter with paradise. (Ar-Raheem)
The Pardoner, the Effacer of Sins: The one who removes the sins and overlooks them. He does not punish His servants even when they deserved to be punished.(Al- Afuwu)
The All Forgiving: The one who conceals the sins of His servants. He doesn’t expose them or punish them for their sins. (Al-Ghafoor) 
The Most Forgiving: A name that indicates the great forgiveness of Allah for His servants who ask for forgiveness.  (Al-Ghaffaar)
The Compassionate; the All Pitying: This name is from compassion. It is the highest level of mercy. It is for all of the creation in this life and only for the believers in the hereafter.(Al- Ra’oof)
The Forbearing; Relenting; Indulgent: The one who does not haste to punish his servants even though He is capable of doing so. He pardons them and forgives them. He forgives their sins if they ask for His forgiveness.(Al-Haleem)
The One who Accepts those who repent: The one who guides whom He wishes from His servants to repent and accepts their repentance.(At-Tawwaab)
The Concealer: The one who conceals the sins of His servants and does not expose them in front of His creation. He loves His servants to conceal their faults from others. He also likes them to cover their private parts. (As-Sitteer)
The All Rich; the Entirely Independent, The Self-Sufficient: The one who does not need any of His creation. This is because He and His attributes are perfect. All of the creation is in need of Him, His favors and aid.  (Al-Ghani)
The Generous; Gracious; Noble: The one who gives plenty. He gives to whom He wills and what He wills whether they ask or not. He pardons people and conceals their faults.(Al-Kareem)
The Most Noble; Generous: The one who is tremendously generous. There is no one similar to Him in that, and all good comes from Him. He rewards the believers in His favor. He does not hasten to punish those who turn away and He reckons them with justice.(Al-Akram)
The Giver; Bestower: The one who gives plenty without any return. He gives without any reason and provides without being asked.(Al-Wahhaab)
The Generous Giver; Bestower of Good: The one who gives so much to His creation due to His generosity. The believers get the greater portion of His favors and generosity. (Al- Jawaad)
The Giver; Bestower: The one who gives whatever He wills of His treasures to whom He wills. His servants get the best portion of them. And He is the one who gave everything its form of creation.(Al- Mu’ti)
The Vast; the all Encompassing; All Sufficient: The one who is Vast with respect to His attributes so that none can enumerate His praise. He is Vast in His grandeur and authority, Vast in bestowing His mercy and forgiveness and Vast in His good and favors.(Al- Waase’)
The Excellent; Good: The one who has great excellence with regard to His essence, names, attributes, and actions. He created everything in a perfect manner. Also, He is good to His creation. (Al-Muhsin)
The provider; Sustainer: The one who provides for all of the creation. He decreed their provision before He created the world, and took the responsibility of their provision.  (Ar-Raaziq)
The provider; Sustainer: A name that indicates His great provision for his creature. He provides for them before they even ask Him. He even provides for them while they disobey Him.(Ar-Razzaaq)
The subtle; the Kind: The one who knows even the small and detailed matter. Nothing is hidden from Him. He gives His servants good and beneficial things through ways they don’t expect.(Al-Lateef)
The All Aware: The one whose knowledge encompasses the hidden and inward things just like the outwards ones.(Al-Khabeer)
The Opener: The one who opens what He wills of the treasures of His dominion, mercy, and provision. He does it in accordance with His knowledge and wisdom.(Al-Fattaah)
The All Knowing; the Omniscient: The one whose knowledge encompasses the outward and hidden matters, the open and secret, the past, present, and future. Nothing is hidden from Him. (Al-Aleem)
The Most Kind and Righteous: The one who is vast in bestowing good upon His creation. None can enumerate His favor. He fulfills His promises, pardons His servants, protects, and supports them. He accepts the little from them and makes it grow. (Al-Barr)
The Wise: The one who puts things in their right place. There are no mistakes or imperfections in His arrangement.(Al-Hakeem)
The Judge; The Ruler; The Legislator: The one who judges between His creation with justice and does not oppress anyone. He sent down His book to rule people. (Al-Hakam)
The Bestower of the Reward for Good; Grateful; Thankful: The one who praises those who obey Him. He rewards them for doing good deeds even if they were not much. He rewards those who are grateful for His favors by giving them more in this life and rewarding them in the Hereafter.  (Ash-Shaakir)
The Grateful; The Thankful; The Appreciative: The one who makes the small quantity of action grows, and multiplies His servant’s reward. He appreciates His servants by rewarding them for thanking Him and accepting their acts of worship.(Ash-Shakoor)
The beautiful: The one who is beautiful with regard to His essence, names, attributes, and actions. And any beauty in His creation is from Him.(Al-Jameel)
The Majestic; Glorious: He has the pride, honor, might, and loftiness in the heavens and earth. Al-Majeed
The modest: The one who is Modest in a manner befitting Him. His modesty is modesty with generosity, goodness, and majesty. (Al-Hayiy)
The Eternally Living: The one who has a complete and ongoing life, which has no beginning neither does it have an ending. Any life that exists is from the effect of His life.(Al- Hayy)
The self Subsisting; Sustainer of All: The one who is Self subsisting and is not in need of His creation. He is the Sustainer of everything that’s in the heavens and earth, and all of them need Him. (Al-Qayyoom)
The Heir, the Inheritor of All: The one who remains after the creatures perish. Everything goes back to Him after their inhabitant perish. Everything in our hands is a trust that will go back one day to Allah, the owner of it.(Al-Waarith)
The Dominant; King: The one that the creation has surrendered and submitted to. He rewards His servants for their actions. If they are good, He multiples them, and if they are bad He punishes them or pardons them. (Ad-Dayyaan)
The King; The Sovereign: The one who directs the affairs to do with His command, prohibition, and conquest. He manages the affairs of His creation by His commands and actions. None has any favor over Him for establishing His dominion or managing it. (Al-Malik)
The Owner; Master: The one who deserved to own His dominion from the beginning. To Him belonged everything when He first created, for there was not anyone except Him. And everything will belong to Him at the end when everything perishes. (Al-Maalik)
The Owner; Master: An attribute that indicates His unrestricted ownership. Its meaning is greater than Al- Maalik.(Al- Maleek)
The Glorious: The one who is far from every fault and imperfection, for His attributes and beauty are in the most perfect manner. (As-  Subbooh )
The Most Holy and Exalted: The one who is free and pure from all imperfections and defects in all aspects, for He is the only one who is described with the most perfect description. Nothing can be compared to Him.(Al-Quddoos)
The Peace and Blessing; Giver of peace and security: The one who is free from every deficiency or blame with respect to His essence, names, attributes, and actions. Any peace in this world or the hereafter is from Him.(Al-Salam)
The Truth; The Reality: The one who there is no doubt about Him, not in His names and attributes, nor in His Oneness. None other than Him deserves to be worshipped.(Al-Haqq)
The clear and self Evident: The one whose oneness, wisdom and mercy are clear. Furthermore, He made the way of guidance clear for His servants to follow, and made the ways of darkness clear for them to avoid.(Al-Mubeen)
The Most Powerful; Strong: The one who has the greatest power with a complete will. (Al-Qawiy)
The Firm; Strong; Steadfast: The one who is great in His power and ability. Moreover, He is not subjected to any tiredness or hardship after His actions.(Al-Mateen)
The All Able: The one who is cable of doing anything. Nothing in the heavens or on earth can cause failure for Him, and He decreed everything. (Al-Qaadir)


To be continued…


(1) Prophet’s Saying (Hadith)

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