A praying kid, God is The Pardoner.

99 Names of Allah: The Pardoner ‘Al-Afuw’

The Pardoner, one of God's beautiful names, means the one who erases the sins and its consequences if

     Our heroine represents most of us. Her condition isn’t satisfactory for her. She keeps searching to reach the reality… In general, she is good, but she follows her desires. Then, she regrets. She has self-reproaching soul. In fact, it will be very hard for this nature not to find something including that. Fortunately, Islam uniqueness recognizes every single detail in our nature. Why not; it’s the religion of our Creator who knows us best.


The Pardoner’s Definition ‘Al-Afuw’:

     One of Allah’s names is the Pardoner ‘Al-Afuw’. Linguistically speaking, Al-Afuw is a noun. ِActually, Its verb means to forgive, to totally erase and many others meanings. In Islam, the Pardoner means the one who erases the sins and its consequences if one repents or leaves, for his Creator’s sake, something much greater.


Effect on Heroine:

     She becomes astonished after knowing that. Maybe it’s easy to impress a lady, but at that time her feelings are real. Thus, She realizes how this Creator is Compassionate. Moreover, He gives us many chances to return.

She becomes full of hope. That’s because she has read about some ways of repentance in many religions. Some offer intercessions and others just have Utopian assumptions. But in Islam, the only condition is sincerity with firm determination not to return to the sin. Even if you fell million times, you can come again.


Amazing Situation

     She reads it in an Islamic book speaking about tthis name (the Pardoner ‘Al-Afuw’). As, it’s one of the authentic saying of the messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him):

“A servant from amongst the servants of Allah was brought to Him whom Allah had endowed with riches. He (Allah) said to him: ‘What (did you do) in the world?’ (They cannot conceal anything from Allah) He (the person) said: ‘O my Lord, You endowed me with Your riches. I used to enter into transactions with people. It was my nature to be lenient to (my debtors). I showed leniency to the solvent and gave respite to the insolvent’, whereupon Allah said: ‘I have more right than you to do this to connive at My servant’. ”    [Sahih Muslim] (1)


     She decides to translate all of her feelings into action. Consequently, she decides to forgive others. Also, she realizes that sin isn’t the end. Also, she loves her Creator. All that helps her to be unbiased in her judgment.


     She concludes that Allah, the only one God, (the Almighty) must be unique. So, He doesn’t have to make any sacrifice to erase our sins. He doesn’t load us by sins of the others. Finally, she becomes brave enough to embrace Islam. In fact, she follows her common sense. As, she finds what she have searched for since 10 years. She have reached the purpose of life.

Shall you try what she has tried? Know your Creator. Read His book to know the essence of life and self. Don’t escape from the voice of the truth inside you. You deserve the best!


(1) Prophet’s saying ‘Hadith’ from Sahih Muslim.