Here are 20 verses of Qur’an that will melt your heart and calm your soul! Refect on these verses and live with the words of Allah. The verses are in Arabic and Enguish with the reference to continue reading. 1) Where is God? [Qur’an 2:186] Allah says in the Quran: And when My servants ask […]

Давайте проведем различие между определенным багажом культуры и истинной религией! Позвольте показать вам, какое отношение к женщинам в Исламе.

Такая женщина тяжело страдает. Её страдание_не только финансовое, но и эмоциональное и психологическое.

Allah calls Himself   “Al-Haadi” The Guide — He is the One who gives perfect guidance. The Guide is the One by whom His believers are guided and by His general guidance all creatures are guided to what is beneficial for them!