Ashura Between Islam And Judaism 

On Ashura, 10th of Muharram, Muslims are thankful for God as He saved Prophet Moses and his followers

As always Islam reminds Muslims of the previous Prophets and their big tests they faced in their life, and how did God “Allah” always help them. 

Islam celebrated in the previous month with securing of the prophet Ismail from sacrificing at Eidul Adha “festival of sacrifice”. Also on the 10th of Muharram, Muslims are thankful for God as He saved Prophet Moses and his followers from Pharaoh and his soldiers. Want to know how? keep reading… 😊

What’s Ashura?

The day of Ashura ( the name comes from the tenth day of month Muharram in Arabic ) is a holy day for Muslims, Jews and also Christians.  Also, Muharram is one of the four sacred months.

On that day, Allah the Almighty saved Prophet Moses and his followers from the Pharaoh of Egypt. He wanted to kill them all. Prophet Moses and his followers faced the sea in front of them as well as the Pharaoh and his soldiers behind them.


And when the two companies saw one another, the companions of Moses said, “Indeed, we are to be overtaken!” [Moses] said, “No! Indeed, with me is my Lord; He will guide me.” Then We inspired to Moses, “Strike with your staff the sea,” and it parted, and each portion was like a great towering mountain. And We advanced thereto the pursuers. And We saved Moses and those with him, all together. Then We drowned the others. Indeed in that is a sign, but most of them were not to be believers.” [Qur’an: 26-61:67] (1)


Ashura in Islam:

When Prophet Mohammad came to Medinah, he found that Jews fast this day. He asked them about the reason.

They said that was the day when God “Allah” saved Prophet Moses and his followers from the Pharaoh of Egypt and his soldiers.

The prophet Muhammad said that Muslims have the priority to Moses than you. We have his faith and he is like a brother to me. We will fast this day, but we will fast a day of 9th and 10th of Muharram, to differentiate ourselves form Jews. Fasting of this day is not obligatory but very precious.


Ashura in Judaism: 


Jews thought that the day of Ashura or Kippur is the only obligatory fasting day in their religion. Furthermore, it is the holiest day in their religion where they called this day “Day of Atonement.” They celebrate this day by fasting. They start fasting the day before sunset by a quarter-hour until after the following sunset by a quarter-hour.

The origin of the Day of Ashura goes back to the fact that the children of Israel in Egypt during the era of the Pharaoh lived a humiliating and humiliating existence. The Pharaoh used to weaken them and kill their sons and keep their daughters alive. And when Moses, peace be upon him, called the people to the religion of God, the Pharaoh and his entourage were too arrogant to accept the call of the truth. So Pharaoh decided to kill Moses and his followers, but God saved them and killed Pharaoh and his soldiers.

Finally, Ashura is a holy day proving to people that whatever the strength of the wrongdoers, they cannot face the strength of God’s justice. And God can achieve justice at any time He wants. Thus, avoid injustice.

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(1) Verse (26-61:67) of Qur’an (English Interpretation of meaning) 


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