From Darkness to Light, What Has Changed!

The world was so eager to light. Light was approaching and coming from the darkest area on earth

     Once upon a time, the world looked like a mess. Everything was upside down. From north to south and from east to west were all suffering from darkness. And the world was so eager to light. Light was approaching and coming from the darkest area on earth at that time, light came from Arabian peninsula. Let’s see how darkness overwhelmed the world and what is the light that we are talking about. 

How was the world in darkness?

     The world was a harsh place, as people in different areas were suffering from different kinds of oppression. 

Under Roman Empire: 

There were a lot of dogmatic disputes in Roman Empire among Christians. Dispute between orthodox doctrine followers and eastern church followers  and dispute between Catholic followers and western church followers that led to  long  destructive bloody wars that killed dozens of thousands of people. Also people were suffering from unbearable taxes. And worst of all was that the roman society was divided into royal family, leaders and  the rest of people were slaves. Slaves  who didn’t have rights at all. 

Under Persian Empire:

 Persia was in a state of collapse socially and morally and the official religion at that time was zoroastrianism. People also suffered from social division and inequality. 


 A Long time ago, Europe was overwhelmed with ignorance and superstitions. People there had no idea about cleanness and bathing so they were known for being smelly. Epidemics and diseases spread and people died because of dirtiness. 


 In India, people suffered from growing class inequality. Also women were considered as shameful and inferior. They used to say ” epidemic, death, hell, poison, snakes, and fire are better than woman. ” And worst of all was that widow had no right to live as they used to burn her alive with her dead husband!

 Arabian peninsula

  Arabian peninsula was overwhelmed with idolatry, gambling, adultery, slavery, discrimination, alcohol, and usury!

Light of Islam 

 Then the light of Islam came and overwhelmed the world when God had revealed to Prophet Mohammed who is the seal Prophet. Islam has come with a lot of teachings and values that overcome darkness and replace it with the bright light of guidance. Islam has a lot to do to save the world and make it a better place. 

Core Message

  Islam has come with the solution of disputes over religions, and it combines between spirit and mind demands. The core message of Islam is to submit and worship one true God who created you and brought you here. And to believe that prophet Muhammed is the seal Prophet. Islam comes to answer your demanding questions. Also, it comes with the way of achieving the balance between life and hereafter.

Women’s Right

Islam has come with the teachings that overcome oppression against woman and grant her all deprived rights. It guarantees women’s rights to live, to choose her partner in marriage, to get a divorce, to inherit, and to receive an education. And Prophet Mohammed said:

” Woman are counterpart of men.”[sunan Abi Dawood] (1)


 Islam is a religion based on the idea of cleanliness. A Muslim should be clean to connect with his God in prayer and reciting Quran. Islam has prescribed ablution, bathing after Menstruation and intercourse, bathing for Friday prayer and using Miswak. 

Anti-Racism/ Pro-Equality 

 Islam has summed up the solution for racism and inequality with one Islamic rule. Allah The Almighty says:

… Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.” [ Qur’an 49-13] (2)

Also, prophet Muhammed gave more emphasis on this rule in his last speech for Muslims.

Slavery End 

 Due to the previous rule, people are all equal. So Islam combatted slavery and put it an end. Setting a slave free was highly recommended in Islam and God has promised who was able to do so with a great reward. So Muslims were racing to free slaves to be rewarded with paradise. 


 Islam has prohibited any sexual relationship outside marriage. And this is the only way to put an end for adultery. Marriage is a respectable relationship with rights and duties and also guarantees all love, affection and support. Moreover, it guarantees a good life for your sons. 


 In conclusion, the light of Islam comes to bring the world out of darkness. Islam lights all darkness of morals, minds and spreads the light all over the world.


(1) Prophet’s Saying (Hadith)

(2) Verse (49-13) of Qur’an (English Interpretation of Meaning)

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