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Is God Real? – Full Muslim Answer

God is real. Evidence is provided.

Is God Real? Big “huh”?!!! Well, let me get right to it and say YES, God is real.  An absolute truth! There is only One God; Allah. In this article, you will come to believe beyond any shadow of doubt and with multiple plethora of evidence that God, Allah, is real.  

You may ask, how can we recognize the existence of God? or is there any proof that God is real?

Let us right off agree to use LOGIC and COMMONSENSE please; otherwise it’s pointless to proceed. 

To prove that God is real we will be using three of very compelling ways:

  1. Negating atheism (negating the belief of God’s inexistence).
  2. Providing logical evidences of God’s, Allah’s, existence.
  3. Providing authentically transmitted evidences of God’s, Allah’s, existence

So here we go…..

Is there really a God?

Yes, the concept of the existence of God is real. It goes without saying that proving something entails negating the opposite, hence, by negating atheism we prove the existence of God, Allah.  It is purely logical.

An atheist denies or rejects the existence of God and the need for a religion.  He denies revelation, prophethood, miracles and all the unseen. He believes that nature, chance, or such may be responsible for creation.  An atheist denies purposefulness of life, and believes in only what he sees.

To negate atheism we rebuttal the most used answers atheists give to the question, “How did the universe and all that’s in it have come to exist?”

The most common answers atheists give are: nature, chance, evolution theory, nothingness and the Big bang theory (BBT).

Here is how we rebut each allegation:

Can Nature Prove the Non-reality of God?

It is a logical fallacy to believe that nature created creations.  Nature itself is a creation (has a beginning and an end) so, how for something that has a beginning and an end can be A Creator? 

A real creator, by definition, means to create and not being created and he should, logically, have no beginning or an end.  The Creator of all creations; The Real God, Allah, has no beginning or prior and has no end or successor. 

Nature needs to “BE” first in order for it to make other things become, RIGHT?!  There should be a terrain first and then plants grow; fact.

Also, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. what is nature that “allegedly” created creations to begin with? 
  2. Is it the specific designs and characters of things? 
  3. Is it the governing laws of existence?
  4. Is it the actual existing creations???
  5. This is merely describing creations not explaining how they came to be.
  6. Did nature create itself? Is it even logical???
  7. Can water create water, land create land, and birds create birds and so on?

The answer is definitely: NO!

Can Chance Prove The non-reality of God?

Chance can’t Prove The non-reality of God. Again, it is a logical fallacy. What is the chance for starts? Collins defines chance as: “The occurrence of events in the absence of any obvious intention, cause or design.”,  In other words, “CHEOS”. 

This entails someone/something that did not intend to cause or design things AND had the “RAW MATERIALS” for that to begin with. Chance has NEVER come up with an INTELLIGENT DESIGN.  

Example of Chance and the reality of God:

For example, it is inconceivable that you find an innovated mobile phone to come to existence “by chance” in the desert while in fact all its ingredients are right there.  Hence, by analogy, how would it be acceptable that the entire ingeniously designed universe just came to be “by chance”?  And, where did the raw materials come from to begin with?  There is no logical answer to this question.

This universe shows intelligent design, wisdom in creation, unity, purposefulness, continuous management and providence for all.  

To conclude; there must be a God /Creator of all creations.

Can Evolution Prove The non-reality of God?

Evolution can’t Prove The non-reality of God. The THEORY of evolution postulates that species can change over time, that new species come from pre-existed species, and that all species share a common ancestor. 

Being a theory, its hypotheses depend on raw materials collecting together to form “THE MOTHER CELL” from which everything evolved depending on needs and necessities.  

Regardless of the fact that there is absolutely no real evidence to it; the theory does not provide any explanation where the first mother cell (raw materials) came from and it does not explain why it stopped happening or repeating in any way.

The theory does not explain the missing middle and transitional stages (Australopithecus, Homo erectus, Homo habilis, Homo sapiens).

And it does not explain the absence of comprehendible mechanisms that may still do occur till now.  We simply do not see apes turning into men every day.

The ample evidences against it are irrefutable. 

Nothing Became Something:

One of the atheists’ allegations is “Nothing comes from nothing”, as Julie Andrews said.  It’s all about movies you see!

The probabilities they give are:

1. life is just an illusion:

This life is just an illusion (The Matrix movie).  Well, has anyone come out of it to free us all????

2. The universe created itself:

This universe created itself from nothing. Julie Andrews answered that.  On a more serious note we refer back to nature creating everything part of this article. 

3. The universe is eternal:

This universe is eternal.  Truth to be told, science has refuted this allegation. This universe had a beginning and will be ending. No doubt about it, as the speed of expansion has already started to slow down and implosion is inevitable. 

To conclude; there must be a God /Creator of all creations. 

Can The Big Bang Theory (BBT) Prove The non-reality of God?

Surprisingly, you will find that neither Islam nor logic collide with all of the big bang theory hypothesis.  There are SOME plausible ideas in it:

1. The Big Bang Could refer to creation:

BBT postulates a big bang.  Quran, the Divine Book of Islam, describes the start of creation as heavens and earth were one entity that has been torn apart: “Do the disbelievers not realize that the heavens and earth were ˹once˺ one mass, then We split them apart?…”


2. The Big Bang Support the Quranic Narrative of the Universe Creation:

BBT postulates smoke at the start of the initial explosion.  In Quran it is stated: “Then He turned towards the heaven when it was ˹still like˺ smoke, saying to it and to the earth, ‘Submit, willingly or unwillingly.’ They both responded, ‘We submit willingly.’”


3. The Big Bang Support the non-eternity of the Universe:

BBT postulates an implosion to end the world as we know it, and Quran states:  “The Day when We will fold the heaven like the folding of a [written] sheet for the records”


4. Adaptation is acceptable in biology

Adaptation is acceptable in biology by evidence now (generations are getting smaller in size by time – smaller appendices due to less raw food, (use it or lose it sort of thing …) but not in the evolution theory concept of one species turning into another.

5. The Universe has a beginning and will end:

The Universe had a beginning and it will be ending. It has been proved by irrefutable scientific evidence.  

6. The Big Bang  postulates also a second explosion after the implosion

BBT postulates also a second explosion after the implosion. There are abundant scientific evidences to collaborate. The second explosion is mentioned in the Quran: “… As We began the first creation, We will repeat it. [That is] a promise binding upon Us. Indeed, We will do it.”


Conclusion is; there must be a God, Allah, all-Capable that started creation from nothing. And will be ending it all and recreating it again. 

The Evidence of the Existence of God: Logical Proofs That God Is Real

In order to use logical evidences, we first need to define logic.  

Logic is traditionally defined as: “The study of the laws of thought or correct reasoning” It is usually understood in terms of inferences or arguments.

How to use logic and correct reasoning to prove that God is real? To prove that God is real, simply argue the following seven most commonly used concepts:

Causality Proves The reality of God:

Causality basically means that every cause has a causer and every creation is caused to exist by a creator; “The Creator, The Causer” of all causes. 

Actually, the cause is responsible for the effect, and the effect is indeed dependent on the cause while the rest is up to us to choose.  

In other words, each cause has a causer, and so on until we go the furthest back to The Causer of all causes with no prior one before Him. The very original cause; that is God / The One worthy.

Inevitability Proves The reality of God:

Every and each thing is one of three in relation to its existence; inevitable, impossible or probable to exist.  

The inevitable is something that logically should exist or happen, otherwise it is leading to a wrong reasoning or faulty law of thought.  In our case we say that the existence of God is inevitable.

On the other side of the spectrum, the impossible which is the complete opposite of inevitable.  The impossible is something that logically should not exist or happen, otherwise it is leading to a wrong reasoning or faulty law of thought.

In our case the absence of God is impossible because you need “The Causer” of all causes to exist in order for any cause to actually exist.  Makes sense, right?!

Incidence Proves The reality of God:

Incidence is a measure of occurrences.  In our case it means that there is a point of origin or start for everything and a point of end.  

It has been scientifically proven, beyond any shred of doubt, that this entire universe had started at one point and will eventually end at another.

It is only logical to postulate that God is real since He is, alone, without a beginning or an end and He is Capable of starting and ending all things other than Him.

Intelligent Design and Unity Prove The reality of God:

This entire universe has been running in impeccable order and precision for millions of years with concrete, never-broken laws. Believe it or not, those laws can only be breached by its Maker “God”. 

Miracles may only happen in the case of allowing it to take place in the hands of His Messengers and Prophets only due to His will and permission. 

Here are some examples proving the intelligent design and unity of creation:

A. Everything has a purpose

Everything has a purpose even when it sometimes seems purposeless.  In time we have learnt the wisdom behind some of the most hideous things, like, for example, volcanoes, earthquakes, and such. 

B. Everything rotates anticlockwise

Everything rotates anticlockwise from electrons in an atom to planets around their star and even galaxies around their center.  And, by the way, Muslims circulate around the Ka’bah anticlockwise also . 

C. The implanted instincts in all creatures 

The implanted instincts in all creatures to maintain their existence and serve their purposes are simply miraculous as well.

D. Opposites maintain balance for all things

Opposites maintain balance for all things; day and night, male and female, up and down, right and left, young and old, strong and weak etc.

E. Nothing is constant

Change is an unbreakable law in this world.  Nothing is constant, stationary or stagnant.

F. Gender

All creations have two genders in order to propagate / populate (even in unisex plants you will find the two apparatuses).

G. Water Secrets:

Water is the secret of life; no water no life.

Providence Proves The reality of God:

If you can imagine life without The Provider then please share your imagination with your fellow humans because it is inconceivable.  How do all birds, insects, animals and other creations find their food and habitat? 

How come basic needs like water, air and sunlight are provided for all creations that need them? And who provides all of that?

If providence is not enough evidence for the existence of God, so I do not know what is!!!

Splendor of Creation Proves The reality of God:

The found variations in creation are mind-blowing.  If you just watched birds, animals or even insects, you would be amazed by their wondrous creation. 

For example, when contemplating butterflies, the colors and design of their swings, you would realize how splendid creation that, definitely, there is a Creator thereof and He is the Greater of all.

If you look at the grandness and shire size of the universe you would be able to realize the splendor of its creation. 

Guidance Proves The reality of God:

The way you may notice about how every creature is guided in perfect wisdom to its own good and benefit is undeniable.  Take a look at a community of ants or bees and compare their ways of living to the ways of spiders or scorpions. 

Ponder about those fishes living  in the deepest oceans where there is no light or heat but each knows exactly how to go about its life and manage its own circumstances.

Think about your own life as well and think how you were led to certain people, places, events and deeds to make things work for you. 

There must be a Guide that leads all to their best of interests into their fates and destinies. 

Best Argument of God: the authenticity of knowledge

Rules, techniques and strategies for knowledge authentication and transmission were established by Muslim scholars out of the need and necessity to preserve and propagate Islamic knowledge. 

Starting from the second Hijry century in a science called ‘Usul al-Hadith, this methodology was designed and established to authenticate propagated knowledge.  

They have put the term “At-tawatur” which means: “Transmitting knowledge by truthful and trustworthy groups of people and generations that it is inconceivable they would conspire to lie, falsify or fabricate”.  They called it “Authenticating chains of transmission” or “Narration”.   

Similar to such methodology, you learn at school from a trustworthy teacher, from a trustworthy book that has been edited by a previous trustworthy teacher and so on … in all of which you trust that they would not conspire to lie, falsify or fabricate.  That approves the authenticity of knowledge.

Authentically Transmitted Evidences of the Existence of God

Authentically transmitted evidences of the existence of God are enclosed into those Divine Books revealed to His Messengers in order to guide people and to testify to those honorable Messengers.  The only Book that has been left authenticated is the Quran and only the testimony of Prophet Muhammad PBUH that remains authenticated.

According to the testimony of critics, there were many previous Divine Books that were all falsified, corrupted by human contexts, or completely lost but the final Message only, the Quran, was authentically preserved. 

In the second chapter of the Quran, there is that one great verse that is pretty sufficient to be mentioned as an authentically transmitted evidence of the existence of God and His power and providence”

God, Allah, says (Quran interpretation): “Allah! There is no god ˹worthy of worship˺ except Him, the Ever-Living, All-Sustaining. Neither drowsiness nor sleep overtakes Him. To Him belongs whatever is in the heavens and whatever is on the earth. Who could possibly intercede with Him without His permission? He ˹fully˺ knows what is ahead of them and what is behind them, but no one can grasp any of His knowledge—except what He wills ˹to reveal˺. His Seat encompasses the heavens and the earth, and the preservation of both does not tire Him. For He is the Most High, the Greatest.”


Is God Real?

Yes God is real and He does exist. Answering this question is done in all three ways: refuting the idea of God’s non-existence by negating atheism, giving logical evidences to His existence, and providing authentically transmitted evidences to His existence.

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