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40 Facts About Muhammad You’ve Never Known!

Here are 40 facts about prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), that you've never known before.

    Here are 40 facts about prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), that you might have never known before:

At his early life:
1-   When he was young he used to take the cattle from their owners in Makkah to breed them, so that he can help his uncle in the expenditure.

2-    And when he grew some older, he worked with his uncle in trading, and was named “the honest and the trustworthy”.

3-   And for that reason Khadigah (may Allah be pleased with her) heard about him and offered him to work with her.

His kindness with kids:

4-   When he used to pass by children in the street, he used to greet and play with them.

5-   Once a young girl took his hand and walked with him in the streets of Madinah, and he walked with her to the place she wanted to go and helped her with what she wanted.

6-   A young boy used to have a bird. Whenever Muhammad (May peace and blessings be upon him) saw him, he always saluted him and asked him about his bird.

7-   And when that bird died, Prophet Muhammad (May peace and blessing be upon him) consoled, and grieved the little boy.

8-   If prophet Muhammed (PBUH) was praying, and heard a baby crying, he would finish the prayer quickly to relief both the baby and the mother.

9-   Nevertheless, he used to carry his grandson while he was praying.

10-   One time a baby girl climbed up into his back while he was in his prostration ‘sujood’, so he prolonged in his prostration not to make her sad.

He was humble:

11-   Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) never criticized the taste of food.

12-   When he used to eat with his companions, and a stranger passes by them, he would never recognize prophet Muhammad (PBUH) since all of them looked the same, dressed up the same, ate in the same way, and the way they sat down was just the same. And above all, because how humble he was (PBUH).

With his family:

13-   When he finishes eating, the place in which the prophet (PBUH) ate, was extremely clean.

14-   Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to race with his wife.

15-   And call her by her favorite nickname.

16-   He was in the service of his family.

17-   Once a group of old women visited him. Then, he welcomed them warmly and happily, to the extent that his companions were wondering who were they. So, he told them that these women were the friends of his wife who died a long time ago.

His caring:

18-   There was a black poor woman who used to clean the mosque. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to ask about her. And when she died, he went to pray upon her himself.

19-   One of his teaching is that if you loved anyone of your brothers, tell them that. As, it will make them happy and make the society warmer.

20-   And never belittle any good deed, even if it was a smile to your brother.

21-   He was never violent to a servant

22-   He never got angry for the sake of himself.

23-   If he got happy, he used to look down humbly.

24-   He never hit anything with his hands, except when fighting for the sake of Allah the All Mighty.

25-   He never criticized anyone. Also, he used to accept gifts.

26-   He used to do his own needs by himself. He used to tailor his clothes, and fix his footwear.

27-   He used to take care of all his friends, each one of them individually. As a result, each one of                    them felt that he was the closest to him.

28-   There was a man of his companion called “zaher” who wasn’t beautiful. In order to make him feel good and give him good tidings, Muhammad (PBUH) once held him from his back and said joking “who wants to buy the slave?”. When the man turned around and recognized that he was actually in the arms of Prophet Muhammad he happily left himself in his arms and said that no one would accept him! But Muhammad told him that Allah accepts him and he is really valuable for Him.

His ethics:

29-   Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was once setting the lines of the army. During that, he gently pushed a man in the stomach to get in order. The man then asked him (PBUH) to uncover his own tummy for legal retribution! The man said that it hurt him when he was pushed. Surprisingly, the (PBUH) accepted that easily. Then, the man got down on his knees kissing the prophet (PBUH).

30-   Moreover, companions used to take him as a shield at the peak of the battle, as he was the bravest of them all.

31-   A group of the companions once told the Prophet (PBUH): you joke with us. Yes, and I never say anything except the truth, he replied.

Figuring Out more:

32-   He told Muslims, whoever sees me while he is asleep, then he truly saw me, as the devil can never embodies me.

33-   A group of the followers once asked Anas Ibn Malek (prophet’s companion) about the description of the prophet. So he said, his hair was like Qatadah’s, and he pointed out for Qatadah, who in return cried as the prophet’s love in his heart was intense.

34-   The very last thing he commanded us with in his last speech was that, our blood and properties are forbidden on us, just as sacred as the Ka’abah in the sacred place of Makkah and the sacred time of Arafa (pilgrimage time).

35-   And his last word in the same speech was:

“Take my advice with regard to women: Act kindly towards women.”     [Al-Bukhari and Muslim](1)

36-   He also said:

“I have left two matters with you. As long as you hold to them, you will not go the wrong way. They are the Book of Allah and the Sunna of His Prophet.”   [Muwatta Malik](2)

37-   While he was dying, he would put his hand in a vessel and wipe his face with the water, and then he prayed “O Allah, help me bear the agonies of death.”

38-   Abu bakr – May Allah be pleased with him- kissed him between his eyes right after he died.

39-  The angel of death has given him the choice to stay alive or to go to Allah The Most High!

40-   And when he died, the Madinah and everything darkened as never before.




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