The Islamic way of slaughtering animals is unique from many aspects, and that’s what we will discuss today.

Before Islam, the Arabian community used to drink alcohol aggressively. They were true addicts to it. To them, it was like tea; that’s how often they drank it. And it was from Allah’s (the Creator of Heaven and Earth) wisdom to deal with such an issue gradually. Otherwise, they would have abandoned the whole religion. […]

В качестве мусульманина, я никогда не видел никакой женщины, о которой так часто и многократно говорил Коран, как Мария.

Walking around in Muslims’ streets, you can see and smell blood everywhere in their first, second, third and fourth  days of Eid (Feast).  But what is the purpose behind this? What’s the aim of shedding this amount of blood? Is it just for the pleasure of torturing animals, or is there any other reason behind […]