A True Love Story

I don’t know about you but I have zero resistance towards a good romance. Here is one that

I don’t know about you but I have zero resistance towards a good romance. Here is one that I absolutely adore.

A great man of leadership and power loving a smart and beautiful young woman and she loves him back. They had the real thing, love, romance and true happiness.

Despite his enormous responsibilities, he always found time for laughter and kind words of affection. He raced her once and she won and made a fuss about it a while later, she gained some weight and raced him again. This time he won and said while laughing “This makes us even”.

She was smart, funny, kind, wise and he treated her as an equal. When he was asked “Who is the most you love?” he replied by saying her name.  Then he was asked “Who is the most you love of men? “ And he replied by saying” Her father “, not the man’s name.

That leader found time for the little things. He used to turn her glass of water around searching for the trace of her lips to drink after her. She used to cut his hair and groom him. They kissed before he leaves the house and he brought her presents.

On an expedition she was with him and lost her necklace, so he stopped the army to look for it.

He used her nickname everywhere all the time and he was not shy to show his affection towards her in the most respecting and honoring way.

He forgave her jealous nature and flaws and made excuses for her.

At the end, he died on her lap after promising her that they will rejoin in heaven. She never says a bad word about him during his life or after his death and stays faithful to him till the time of her death.

This is the true love story of Muhammad (Peace and blessing be upon him) and his wife Aishah (May Allah be pleased with her).

What we all would give to have that?!   But wait, we can. It’s the Islamic household that makes this a reality.

Two people join together to share love and compassion, having the same goals and objectives of finding true happiness in this life and the one after, and establishing a new true Muslim generation.