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5 Heart Touching Islamic Love Stories You could not imagine!

Love stories in Islam exceed the relation between humanity and reaching the noblest one; loving the Creator. Check

Islamic Love Stories carries unique characteristics. If you look into the famous love stories in western history, you will find that lovers’ life is full of torment, sorrow, grief, and finally loss! For example, the amazing love stories between Romeo and Juliet, Antony and  Cleopatra, Othello, and Desdemona, have very miserable ends in spite of their overwhelming love.

Then, consider the real  Islamic love stories that Islamic history provides us with to find the difference. Also, love stories in Islam exceed the relation between humanity and reaching the noblest one; loving the Creator.

I don’t know about you but I have zero resistance toward a good romance. Here are three short Islamic love stories that I absolutely adore:

#1 Prophet Muhammad And Khadija Love Story

The best halal love story in Islam is one between Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessing be upon him)  and Khadijah (May Allah be pleased with her). Khadijah was the wife of our Prophet Mohamed and the mother of the faithful. 

How Did Khadija Support Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) after First Revelation?

When the prophet “PBUH” came back from the cave after the first revelation by the Glorious Spirit; Gabriel “PBUH”, (when he asked him to read), he was quite scared and frightened. He was shivering out of fear and panic. He told her to cover him with mantles. She said and uttered words more precious than the whole world, than jewels and gold of the whole universe.

 She said: “ Oh, cousin! be pleased with the good news and glad tidings. You welcome the guest, help the weak, you are good to your kith and kin and you help the poor to overcome the distresses of life. By Allah, He will not disappoint or disgrace you by any means”.

 She was the first human being to believe in him as the last Prophet of Allah (PBUH). She even supported him with her money and wealth. She was the best wife, the best mother, and sister and at last the best sincere lover.

#2 Love Story of Prophet Muhammad And Aisha

This is the true love story of Muhammad (Peace and blessing be upon him) and his wife Aishah (May Allah be pleased with her). They had the real thing, love, romance, and true happiness.

Despite his enormous responsibilities, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) always found time for laughter and kind words of affection. He raced her once and she won and made a fuss about it a while later, she gained some weight and raced him again. This time he won and said while laughing “This makes us even”.

That leader found time for the little things. He used to turn her glass of water around searching for the trace of her lips to drink after her. She used to cut his hair and groom him. They kissed before he leaves the house and he brought her presents.

On an expedition she was with him and lost her necklace, so he stopped the army to look for it.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)  used her nickname everywhere all the time and he was not shy to show his affection towards her in the most respecting and honoring way.

He forgave her jealous nature and flaws and made excuses for her.

Why Did Prophet Muhammad Love Aisha, the Most?

Aishah was the youngest wife of the Prophet (PBUH) and the only wife who had been unmarried before. Also, she was smart, funny, kind, beautiful and wise. 

When the Prophet (PBUH) was asked:

“Who is the most you love?” he replied by saying her name.  Then he was asked “Who is the most you love of men? “ And he replied by saying” Her father “, not the man’s name.

However, the Prophet’s love for Aisha doesn’t affect his fairness in dealing with his other wives in tangible things that he can control:

‘A’isha told that the Prophet used to divide his time among his wives equally and say, “O God, this is my division concerning what I possess, so do not blame me concerning what Thou possessest and I do not.”

Tirmidhi, Abu Dawud, Nasa’i, Ibn Majah and Darimi transmitted it.

At the end, he died on her lap after promising her that they will rejoin in heaven. She never says a bad word about him during his life or after his death and stays faithful to him till the time of her death.

#3 Example of Islamic Love Stories of Sahaba (Abu Salamah and Umm Salamah)

Among halal love stories is the story of  Abu salamah and Umm salmah. When Umm Salamah married the handsome and brave son of the equally wealthy family of Makhzum, she carried a friendly demeanor of pleasant serenity into her new household. There was an atmosphere of gaiety and love in the home of the newly married couple.

But things changed radically when the couple embraced Islam. The whole family turned against them; mischievous and wicked elements like Walid bin Mughirah Makhzumi started creating problems for them.

Finally, when matters had nearly reached their peak, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) advised his staunch followers to migrate to Abyssinia where the Christian King was more tolerant of the new religion. Umm Salamah narrated that life was very peaceful in Abyssinia, free of all religious persecution. She first gave birth to a daughter, whom they named Zaynab. Then, she had a son Salamah, hence her name and her husband’s name. The next child was also a son called Umar. Finally, they had another daughter who they named Durrah. So life was very smooth and time passed uneventfully, in peace and happiness.

Unfortunately, this happiness didn’t last for a long time, they had to move to Madina. On their way, the pagans attacked them and separated the husband and his wife. Umm Salamah spent a very hard year feeling deep grief and lived very tough days without her husband. Then, she was released and moved from Mecca to Madina.  When she finally saw her family after a long time,  her joy knew no bounds. Eventually, this divided family once again was at peace and the children had the benefit of a good upbringing that only united and happy parents can provide.

Then, Abu Salamah took part in the Battle of Badr and once again had the honor of fighting for Islam in the Battle of Uhud. But in this last-mentioned battle, Abu Usamah Jashmi wounded him seriously in the side with his spear. He underwent treatment for a month but to no avail.

Abu Salamah was lying in a very serious condition when the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) came to visit him. He realized that he was approaching death, and patting his hand consoled him.

The Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) prayed for him and Abu Salamah, also prayed and asked Allah to give his family a protector and provider like him. And he also asked Him to give Umm Salamah a husband who would give her neither sorrow nor hardship.

Then Allah answered  Abu Salamah’s prayers and Umm Salamah got married to the best of all mankind prophet Muhammad ” PBUH”. This shows the real meaning of love that husband wishes that his wife gets married to someone better than him and spends all her life in happiness.

4# Islamic Love Story with No Pain

Furthermore, love in Islam exceeds the relation between human beings. Real love has to be for the Only One God. Here is how the relationship should be with the Creator from the Islamic point of view:

Truly our Creator is “The Most Loving”. He confirms that His Compassion for me will exceed my mom’s. I am sure that He’d never hurt me and He’d accept me the way I am.

He told me several times that He will always stay near, stay the closest to me. That’s why I call Him my “Ever close” too.

He never lets me down when I need Him. 

Moreover, He always responds to me; He is always kind. He is never busy to listen, despite all His concerns.

Every time, I can ask, complain, cry and request, and never return futile.

To Him and only Him, my tears are so precious. 

5# True Love Experience of the Prophets

The Prophets are indeed great examples of people who experienced true love with all their hearts.

The “Loving” manufacturer sends manuals along with teachers dealing with kindness and patience to clarify the purpose of what He created. This is an example of the books and the Prophets sent by God.

To clarify, guess what makes a man like Abraham ready to slaughter his son except for love?!

Or what makes Moses go to advise a super cruel murderer like Pharaoh?

What Is in Common between These Three Muslim Love Stories after Marriage?

Love story in Islam means that two people join together to share love and compassion, having the same goals and objectives of finding true happiness in this life and the one after, and establishing a new true Muslim generation.


The most powerful feeling is Love, and it is intended to last in this life and the hereafter.  Allah says about the future of His allies:

Unquestionably, [for] the allies of Allah there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve”

[Quran 10:62] 

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