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Islam, The First Religion, The Message Of All Prophets

Muslims believe that Islam has existed since the beginning of time and that it is the natural religion

     Muslims believe that Islam has existed since the beginning of time and that it is the natural religion of mankind, to which all people are called when they are born in the world. In this sense, in fact, all people are actually born Muslim. Our Creator gives us the intellect which is the key to recognize that one truth and differentiate it from everything else.

 What is the core meaning of Islam? 

     Islam is based on two major parts: The Creed and the laws and rulings. The word “Shariah” usually refers to the second aspect of Islam. But the core of Islam is “Aqedah” which is the Arabic word meaning “The Creed“.
The Creed represents what we should believe; it represents the truth which doesn’t change.  And thus the message of all the Prophets is one message which is calling the people to that Creed; The Islamic Creed.
And it is so simple and clear:
(You have only One God, One Creator who created you and everything else. And so you should worship him alone, follow his rulings and laws and believe in Him.)

     This was the message of all the prophets through the ages and villages. And this is the core of the Islamic creed they all called for, this what defines Muslim, as Muslim is one who fully submits himself to Allah (God) alone. And this is the very basic definition of Islam.

Islam The First Religion

     So Allah has sent prophets with this message to all the people around the world at different times.  We know many of the prophets as mentioned in the holy Qur’an and there are many others that we don’t know.

     Actually, the first prophet of Islam is Adam, the father of all humans and the final prophet is Muhammad the one whom Allah sends with the final and universal message to everyone.

     Islam was the message of all the Prophets, starting from Adam, to Noah, Ibraham, Moses, Jesus and the final prophet and messenger Muhammed. Peace and blessings of Allah be upon all the prophets.

Unlike what many people may think, Islam isn’t something that started 1440 years ago. The message of Islam is as old as humanity.

“Indeed, We have sent you with the truth as a bringer of good tidings and a warner. And there was no nation but that there had passed within it a warner”[35/24](1)

So Islam was the first religion for humans, and it came before all other religions. But then what happened?

The corruption of the pure message

     As time gone by, people tended to add their own opinions into the message that their prophets came with. They Invented new things. They also changed its rulings and creeds. Thus, by time the original message was lost in all that corruption. Eventually, people had deviated from true religion so much to the degree that they changed the very core of it; the pure message of oneness of God and that only Him is worthy of worship. And then idol worshiping  appears. People make all kinds of idols from their imaginations and out of their fears.

The return of the pure message

     When that would happen, Allah would send another prophet to correct the path of the people and guide them back the truth, the original message, Islam.
And people would split into two, one clinging to what they found their fathers doing and reject the pure message of the prophets, and others who will accept the truth and follow them.

     At the end of time, Allah (God) sent the last and final messenger to everyone, calling them back to that very same message and leaving the additions that people made.
And this last and final messenger was Muhammed peace be upon him. Because he is the final one, and his message is universal Allah has guaranteed the perseverance of his message. Which includes the words of the prophet himself which he say by revelation, or the words of God which are miracles and unique. And that is “The Quran” (The final revelation from Allah) and “The Sunnah” (All tradition of the prophet).

     And indeed Allah is the best to keep his word. Allah preserved both Quran and Sunnah in a way that makes it clear to recognize them fully. No one can add anything to them even if they wanted to. The Quran which we have today is exactly the same as the prophet came with, not a litter changed. Which is incredible in itself, before even knowing that The One who sent it did actually promise this.  

Why did Allah allowed the corrupted religions to exist?

     The Answer is Simple. Allah had told us that we are here in a test and that is why he gave us the choice; the choice between right and wrong, following the truth or the false, obeying Him or disobeying Him. That is how many people can choose the wrong way and made up all those false hoods.
And we are in a test , do we follow them? Or do we seek the truth and follow it?

     Allah has made the recognition of truth so easy. The truth is simple, logical, pure and consistent. The message of all the prophets is the same. It is people who changed it, and we  do have the choice to follow them and what they called for or follow others who changed their message and speak falsely in their name.

     Will we follow Ibraham, Mosses and Jesus peace be upon them, and believe them? Or will we rather follow those who corrupt their message and change it?

Briefly, Truth is one, and it is clear and simple. We have the choice whether to follow it or not. So choose wisely because based on our choices we shall be questioned.

“And say, “Do [as you will], for Allah will see your deeds, and [so, will] His Messenger and the believers….” [9/105](2)



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  2.  Verse (9-105) of Qur’an (English interpretation of meaning).

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