your brief guide to become a Muslim

Your Brief Guide to Become a Muslim: Embracing Islam from A to Z

Here is your brief guide to become a Muslim. Move with us step by step.

Do you want to embrace Islam and become a Muslim?

Here is your brief guide. Move with us step by step.

The Word “Islam”

Let’s first start with the meaning of the word “Islam”. The name “Islam” comes from more than one meaning. “Islam” is an Arabic word that comes from three main meanings: 

  • Peace.
  • Safety.. safety from imperfections.
  • Submission.. submission to The True God. And this is the basic and central meaning of Islam. The complete submission to The True God, The Creator of heavens and earth, by following His commands and avoiding His prohibitions.  

When his Lord said to him, “Submit,” he said, “I have submitted [in Islām] to the Lord of the worlds.” [Qur’an 2:131] (1)

So if they argue with you, say, “I have submitted myself to Allah [in Islām], and [so have] those who follow me…” [Qur’an 3:20] (2)

The Core Concept of Islam

Indeed, the core concept of Islam is the Oneness of God (Almighty Allah), which means believing that there is God, The Creator of heavens and earth. That God is The One and Only One True, Unique God Who’s worthy of worship alone without associating any other partner with Him.

The Name “Allah”

The name “Allah” is an Arabic word that means “The God”. Allah is The True God. If you opened any Arabic copy of the Bible, you will find the name “Allah” mentioned in it. This short video will explain the matter so clearly:

If you accept these beliefs so far, let’s now move to the next step.

Belief in Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

Believing in all Prophets and Messengers of Allah, from Adam to Muhammad, passing by Abraham, Noah, Moses, and Jesus (peace be upon them) is the other part of the core concept of Islam. Actually, it is not separated from the concept of the Oneness of Allah; rather, this entails that. 

This is generally. Specifically, believing in Prophet Muhammad and that he is the last and final Prophet and Messenger of Allah who came to finalize the same one message that all previous Prophets and Messengers of Allah came with, which is the oneness of Allah and calling their people to worship Allah alone without associating any partner with Him.

If you accept these beliefs so far, let’s now move to the next step.

Belief in Prophet Jesus (PBUH)

A critical part of the Islamic faith is the belief in Jesus as being a human Prophet of Allah; only a human Prophet and one of the best five Messengers of Allah.

Jesus is a human whose creation and birth was miraculous, just like the creation of Adam who was created from no man and no woman, without a father or a mother. However, no one ever claimed that he is God or the Son of God. Jesus is just the same. He was created miraculously from a woman only without a man, with a mother only without a father.

So, Jesus is a sacred person, a Prophet and a Messenger of God, but he is neither God nor the Son of God. He is just a human and not divine by any means.

If you accept these beliefs so far, let’s now move to the next step.

Pillars of Faith

In Islam, there are six pillars of faith. We can call them “Heart Work”, which means just to believe in them with your heart. The 6 pillars of faith are:

  1. Belief in Allah.
  2. Belief in His Angels. 
  3. Belief in His Books (Divine Scriptures).
  4. Belief in His Messengers. 
  5. Belief in the Last Day.
  6. Belief in the Divine Decree, whether good or bad.

If you accept these beliefs so far, let’s now move to the next step.

Pillars of Islam

There are five pillars of Islam. This is how you practice Islam and live your life as a Muslim in an Islamic way. In other words, they are the actions that you take in your life to be practicing Islam and to be living an Islamic life as a Muslim. The 5 pillars of Islam are:

  1. Two Shahadas.. pronouncing the testimony of faith, which is known as “Shahada”.
  2. Prayer.. establishing the Prayer and performing 5 obligatory daily prayers.
  3. Zakah.. paying Zakat (obligatory charity).
  4. Fast.. fasting the month of Ramadan. 
  5. Hajj.. pilgrimage as per the ability.

The Defining Moment 

These are the basic beliefs that anyone has to accept and believe in to embrace Islam and become a Muslim. Since you reached here, this may mean that you are ready now to take the most important step in your whole life that will change not only your current worldly life, but also, and importantly, your future and hereafter life.

Now, to become a Muslim, you have to pronounce with your tongue the testimony of faith, which is known as “Shahada“. It is a matter of confirming with your tongue what you already believe in with your heart. It is to say:

In English:
“I bear witness that there is no god but Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and I bear witness that Jesus is a servant of Allah and His Messenger.”

In Arabic:
“Ash-hadu ann la ilaha illa Allah, wa-ash-hadu anna Muhammad rasool Allah, wa-ash-hadu anna Eisa abdu Allah wa-rasooluh.”

If you have just pronounced it with your tongue, congratulations! You are now a Muslim. 

May Allah keep you steadfast on His true religion and accept from you your good deeds, Ameen.

What Comes Next?

After pronouncing the Shahada, what comes next?

Let me first tell you that once you pronounce the Shahada, all your previous sins are removed and you become like a newborn, pure without any sin. 

Second, it is a recommended act after pronouncing the Shahada to take a shower and change your clothes wearing clean ones. So, if you can, do it now.

What to Learn and Start Practicing Immediately?

As a new Muslim, what you need to start learning immediately are two things: the Prayer and the Islamic Faith. Both you can learn through the following sites:

New Muslim Guide:

New Muslim Academy:

Also, you can read and listen to the Qur’an through this site:

Waiting What?!

Finally to conclude, if you did not take the step yet, what are you waiting for? Since you are already convinced, just take it immediately. Now. Without any delay or hesitation. 

Never delay the most critical decision in your life on which all your coming life, here and hereafter, is based.

Join now. Change now. Survive now.


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(1) Verse (2:131) of Qur’an (English Interpretation of Meaning).

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