Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

I would like to take you on a journey! A journey inside my head where all thoughts and

I would like to take you on a journey! A journey inside my head where all thoughts and ideas are fighting and killing each other for the sake of survival and becoming part of reality…

One day, one horrible day, I was having a terrible battle in my head; I was in a very bad mood! And because that was not enough, my heart joined them with hard and fast beats. That all led to a panic attack!

Nothing would help me at then to feel better, except for knowing that Eid Al-Adha is tomorrow, and showing happiness and joy is one of the Eid’s habits! So I should feel happy now even though I’m terribly down… hard to do, However, I felt Happy just because Eid was tomorrow.

This was Eid Al-Adha where Muslims festival marking the culmination of  the annual pilgrimage to “Mecca” and commemorating the sacrifice of “Abraham”, the celebration revolves around when “Abraham” saw a dream where Allah asked him to sacrifice his son “Ismael” as a sign for his faith.

Out of nowhere and even after all I said above, I felt happy, extremely happy and that only led me to one conclusion;

Our hearts are between two of Allah’s fingers and He directs them as He wills” That’s what Allah’s final messenger Muhammad (PBUH) taught us in his sayings.

No matter how you feel now, no matter how disappointed you are; if you are lost and became hopeless, just pray and ask Allah (The Creator of heavens and earth) for guidance, peace, happiness,…etc. Just ask him and you will be surprised by how he directs your thoughts, you will be amazed by how peace covers your heart and soul, you shall feel too close from Allah, by only one prayer from the depth of your heart asking him to take the lead of YOU.

How to show happiness in Eid

So it is Sunnah (Prophetic Teachings); to show happiness and to spread joy amongst your family, friends, acquaintances, neighbors… and among the whole universe.

And part of showing joy and happiness is wearing new clothes, putting a good perfume, enjoying fine food and drink, congratulating one another, visiting one another, making Takbeer (Saying: Allah Akbar, God is the greatest), …etc.

Now it is the last day of Eid, so I would highly recommend you to not worry and to feel happy, no matter how stressed you are and know that Allah is your God will never let you in your loss without some guidance, just ask for it!

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