How Do You Write a Single Letter On Your Smartphone?

I’m totally in love with science; it makes me understand everything around us. I’m a medical school student.

I’m totally in love with science; it makes me understand everything around us. I’m a medical school student. I’m fascinated by how the human body works; different organs and different mechanisms, how the cells work, how the muscles move and how the signals go to and from the brain cells, how the brain controls everything, how the heart supplies the body with blood and nutrition and how the liver and kidney work.

For five years now, I have spent all my time studying the details of every single process happening in our bodies! I thought to myself, this information has to be spread to the world so we can appreciate how delicate and unique we are! So let’s sail around a little. A very simple process happens that you might notice how marvelously complex it is.

The process of writing one letter only!

To write only one letter in this paragraph (yes, only one), firstly, your amazing brain decides to write. You have areas in your brain responsible for moving fingers, and areas to help in complex movements like writing on a smartphone. Of course, you use your eyes to see what you do. Some of us even talk while writing. All of this needs extra special areas!

To start writing,

  1. Area 4 in your brain is responsible for motor system. A signal moves downwards along certain fibers called pyramidal tract through an internal capsule then to segments of spinal cord controlling your upper limb. Finally to the nerves supplying the muscles of your hand and fingers to do the action of writing.
  2. Extrapyramidal system helps you to maintain your muscle’s tone, and also giving your movement some sort of emotions while writing.
  3. Also, in our brain we have area 37 which helps in the skillful complex movements such as that of writing.
  4. We also use some areas responsible for vision. Areas 17, 18, and 19 to see and recognize the letters you are writing and a very special area 39 to recall letters.
  5. If you say what you are writing with your voice, you start to use area 44 which is responsible for expressing yourself in spoken words! And no doubt you need healthy muscles overall to use them in writing!

Imagine that all areas work together and in a very accurate complicated sequence to help you in a very fine action as writing one letter on your smartphone, and you almost don’t feel or know anything about these stuff!

Now, I might alarm your head with some questions:

  • Do you need to FEEL the buttons of your laptop?
  • Do you only have one way to perceive sensation?
  • Do all your body parts feel the same?

How does your touching sense work?

This tiny finder that you have will give you the below feelings:

  1. Temperature.
  2. Pain.
  3. Touch.

You can differentiate if the tea is hot enough or not, the water is cold enough to drink or not. The pin is sharp enough to cause pain or not, and if a piece of cloth is smooth enough or not.

These three types of sensations have the same receptors in your finger but different pathways in your spinal cord, and indeed your brain!

Is the feeling in your finger the same as your back?
Is the number of receptors in your hand the same as your back?
You use your hand and specially your finger in very accurate specific complex movements. The receptors in your back are less than the receptors in your finger. Yes, your finger is smaller in size than your back but it has more receptors!

Did you ever stop and think about this? Just a small movement from your finger in less than one second makes all these receptors and pathway work. A very delicate job. This all must have a great professional creator! And all of this needs to be thanks to Him. We need to thank our Creator for these facilities which help us live.

Science proved many things for me, but the most precious one is that this accurate work can’t exist from nothing. Coincidence can’t achieve it. Evolution can’t achieve it. Only Great Creator can do that without any obstacles! He only orders a thing to exist, and it immediately exists in less than a blink of an eye.

Think about it every time you try to write a letter, just one single simple letter.