• A praying kid, God is The Pardoner.

    99 Names of Allah: The Pardoner ‘Al-Afuw’

    The Pardoner, one of God's beautiful names, means the one who erases the sins and its consequences if

  • Women wearing niqab, this is why I wear niqab.

    This is Why I’m Wearing Niqab

    I really hated how men stared at me, I was raging, like extremely raging because the main state

  • Shares of Inheritance, image of calculator & coins.

    Women’s Shares of Inheritance in Islam

    It would be "an understatement" to say, how wrongly women's shares of inheritance in Islam are viewed, and

  • Spring life changing quotes by Muhammad (PBUH)

    10 Life Changing Quotes by Muhammad (PBUH)

    Messenger Muhammad (PBUH)! Every authentic quote by him can help you change social, economic, marital and personal life!

  • an old paper, ink, and feather. Muhammed PBUH.

    40 Facts About Muhammad You’ve Never Known!

    Here are 40 facts about prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), that you've never known before.

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