• an old paper, ink, and feather. Muhammed PBUH.

    40 Facts About Muhammad You’ve Never Known!

    Here are 40 facts about prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), that you've never known before.

  • Police officer and woman wearing niqab - national security

    National Security vs. Niqab

    "National Security" is the most absurd and yet the most dangerous reason to fight and negate Niqab. As,

  • cloud of words - chat with ex-atheist

    A Chat with an Ex-Atheist Led Her to Islam: From Disbelief to Belief at a Glance!

    Who is behind this universe? How did this universe come into existence? Who brought us here and why?

  • judgment day is coming, are you ready? thunder storm

    The Judgment Day is coming… Are You Prepared!

    I used to think of death as an illusion. Maybe I used to believe theoretically in it, but

  • security in Islam, calm baby with a blanket
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