99 Name of God 2

99 Names of God – Part 2

All His Names and Attributes are unique, as the Qur’an states, "... There  is nothing  like  unto  Him,


Allah has the most beautiful Names and Perfect Attributes. In Part 1, we tackle a group of these Names. Indeed, all His Names and Attributes are unique, as the Qur’an states,

… There  is nothing  like  unto  Him, and He is the Hearing, the Seeing.” ( Quran, 42:11) (1)

Therefore, none of whatever He has created has similar names or attributes in any way. This part is so beautiful because it will get you closer to Allah by giving you a tiny glimpse of His greatness and mercy. Let’s continue…


The capable; the Able: It is similar to ” Al-Qaadir” except that it is more praiseworthy of Allah. (Al-Qadeer)
The All Determiner; Dominant: A name that indicates the extreme ability of Allah to bring into being and create what he decreed, in accordance with His previous knowledge. (Al-Muqtadir)
The Most High and Exalted: The one whom highness in status, power and essence belong to Him. Everything is under His control and authority, and nothing is ever above Him.(Al-A’laa)– (Al-‘Aliyy)
The Self Exalted: The one whose transcendence everyone submits to. Nothing at all is above Him. Rather everything is under His might and authority.(Al-Muta’aal)
The Expediter; The one who brings forward: The one who forwards things and puts them in the right place in accordance with His will and wisdom. He prefers some of His creation over others in accordance with His knowledge and out of grace.(Al-Muqaddim)
The Delayer; The one who holds back: The one who puts things in their correct order.(Al-Mu’akhkhir)
The Restrainer: Constrictor; Restrictor; Taker: The one who takes the souls and holds back the provision from whom He wills. All of this is in accordance with His wisdom as a test for people.(Al-Qaabid)
The Expander; Munificent; Magnanimous: The one who provides to whom He wills of His servants due to His generosity and mercy. He does that to test them in accordance with His wisdom. He opens his hands for His servants to repent. (Al-Baasit)
The First: The one that was nothing before Him. All the creation came into existence, by Him creating them. There is no beginning to His existence.(Al-Awwal)
The manifest; The All Victorious: The one who is High above everything, nothing is higher than Him. He has control over everything and encompasses it.(Az-Thahir)
The Hidden: The one who is nothing beyond Him. He is Close and can’t be seen by His creation in this world.(Al-Baatin)
The one: The one who deserves to be worshipped alone without any associates. Nothing is similar to Him.(Al-Witr)
The Master; Owner; Noble: The one who has complete ownership of His creatures. He is their Lord and Owner, and they are His creatures and servants. (As-Sayyid)
The Perfect in Everything; the Self Sufficient; the Eternally Besought of All; The Everlasting: The one who is the Master in the most perfect manner. The whole of the creation relies on Him with regard to their needs, due to their great need of Him. He feeds and He is not fed.(As-Samad)
The one; Singular: The one who is singled out with all aspects of perfection such as nothing else shares with Him these aspects, and no one is similar to Him. This necessitates that He is to be worshipped alone without anyone. (Al-Waahid)
The Protecting Lord; Patron and Helper: The one who looks over the affairs of His creation and arranges His dominion. He is the helper and supporter of His servants.(Al-Waliy)
The All Praiseworthy: The one who is praised for His names, attributes, and actions. He is the one to be thankful to in times of ease and times of hardship. He is the one who always deserves to be thanked due to His perfect attributes.(Al-Hameed)
The Protecting Lord; Patron, and Helper: The one who is the Lord, Kind, Master, supporter, and helper to His servants.(Al-Maula)
The Giver of Aid: The one who assists with victory whom He wills. Thus, no one can defeat whom He assists and no one can help whom he abandons.(An-Naseer)
The All Hearing: The one whose hearing encompasses all that which is secret or public, rather all sounds regardless of whether they were great or minute. And He is the one who answers those who call upon Him.(As-Samee’)
The All Seeing: The one whose sight encompasses everything visible or unseen world, whether it is hidden or apparent, and whether it is great or minute.(Al-Baseer)
The Witness; Testifier: The one who looks over His creation. He witnessed for Himself that none has the right to be worshipped except Him and that He maintains (His creation) with justice. Also, He witnesses for the believers, His angles, and messengers that they are truthful in their belief if they worship Him alone. (Ash-Shaheed)
The Watchful: The one who watches over His servants, and enumerates their deeds. Thus, neither a glance nor a thought passes without Him knowing.(Al-Raqeeb)
The Gentle; Companion; Lord: The one who is compassionate with respect to His actions. He, the Exalted, is patient and gradually creates and orders. He treats His servants with kindness and leniency, for He doesn’t burden them with what they can’t bear. Thus, He, the Exalted, loves His kind servants.  (Ar-Rafeeq)
The Close One: The one who is close to everyone with respect to His knowledge and power. Moreover, He is close to His believing servants with respect to His kindness and mercy. With all of this, He is still above His throne and doesn’t mix with His creation.(Al-Qareeb)
The Answerer: The Responsive; the one who answers the supplication of those who call on Him in accordance with His knowledge and wisdom. (Al-Mujeeb)
The Reckoner: The one who is sufficient for His servants in everything that worries them from the matters of this world or the Hereafter. The believers get the most of His support, and He will call them to be accounted for what they did in this world.(Al-Haseeb)
The Bestower of Security; Guarantor: He is the one who confirmed the truthfulness of His messengers and their followers by testifying to their truthfulness and giving them proofs for it. All security in this life and the Hereafter is from Him. Also, He will secure the believers from being oppressed, punished or terrified on the Day of Judgment. (Al-Mu’min)
The Gracious; Benefactor: The one who gives and provides much. Furthermore, He gives so much good to His creation.(Al-Mannaan)
The Good and Pure: The one who is pure and free from all imperfections and faults.  He is perfect in all aspects, and He does so much good for His creation. He only accepts from their actions and charity what’s good, permissible, and sincere for Him. (Al-Tayyib)
The Curer; Granter of Health: The one who cures the hearts and bodies of their sicknesses. There are no medications in the hands of His servants except what He made possible for them. As for the cure, it is only in His hands.(Ash-Shaafiy)
The protector; Preserve; Guardian: The one who protects and preserves His believers and their actions out of His Kindness. Also, He protects and looks after His creatures with His power. (Al-Hafeez)
The Trustee; Dependable; Trustworthy: The one who tools the responsibility to arrange the affairs of the worlds. He is responsible for bringing His creation into existence and for their provision. The believers rely on Him before they do anything. They ask Him His help when they seek wealth, and thank Him after being successful. And they are satisfied with what He gives them after testing them. (Al-Wakeel)
The Creator: The one who created all the creation in a manner that never happened before.(Al-Khallaaq)
The Originator; Maker: The one who brought into existence what He decreed and chose from His creation.(The Bari)
The Fashioner of Forms and Shapes; Shaper: The one who shaped His creation the way He chose in accordance with His knowledge, wisdom, and mercy.(Al-Musawwir)
The Lord; Master: The one who brings up His creatures with His favors little by little. He nurtures His servants with what rectifies their hearts. He is the Creator, Owner, and Master. (Al-Rabb)
The Most Magnificent: The one who is greater than anything with regard to His essence, names, and attributes. This is why it is an obligation upon all the creation to exalt and glorify Him. They must glorify His orders and prohibitions. (Al-Atheem)
The All Compelling; the Conqueror; Subduer: It is similar to Al-Qaahir but has a stronger meaning.(Al-Qahhaar)
The Guardian; Preserver; Ever watching: The one who is Sustainer. The one who looks after everything, preserves, and encompasses it. Al-Muhaymin
The Almighty: All aspects of might and honor belong to Him. He is Might in Strength; no one can overcome Him. He is Might in prevention; thus, He does not need anyone. He is Might in conquest and compel; nothing moves without His permission.(Al-Azeez)
The Compeller; The Restorer: The one whose will is implemented. All of the creation is under His power, submitted to His greatness, and follow His ruling. He cures broken hearts, enriches the poor, makes hardships easy and cures the sick.(Al-Jabbar)
The Majestic in His Greatness; Supreme: The one who is Great, and above all imperfections, evil and oppressing of His servants. He compels His proud servants. He is described as being Supreme, and whoever claims to be so will be punished and broken. (Al-Mutakabbir)
The Great: The one who is Great with respect to His essence, attributes, and actions. Nothing is greater than Him, and everything other than Him is small with respect to His greatness and loftiness. (Al-Kabeer)


These are the Names of Allah that conveyed the concept of God in Islam. Share your thoughts with us!


(1) Verse (42: 11) of Qur’an (English Interpretation of Meaning) 

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